Friday, April 07, 2006

War With Iran to Boost Bush Numbers

Iran war to boost Bush approval


Published: Friday March 31, 2006

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In a quarter page advertisement that appeared Friday in the New York Times Op-Ed section, a group is claiming that President George W. Bush hopes that war with Iran will boost his job approval.

The ad, placed by Velvet Revolution, already appeared once in the Washington Post. This marks its first appearance in the Times.

In it, the group quotes a Seymour Hersh claim that war with Iran is already considered an inevitability among those close to the current administration. It also features a chart indicating boosts to the President's job approval rating at the times of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars (although it places the Afghanistan invasion at his highest point of popularity, notably omitting 9/11,) insisting that Bush is "hell bent on becoming our first Three War President."

The ad is a quarter page and ran Friday, Mar. 31, 2006.

The only country in the world to EVER use a nuclear weapon is the USA.

The American military budget is more than the combined budgets of all the "free" nations of the world.

There is a huge difference between defense and control.

Everyone in the world seems to know the Bush CIA is a drug cartel.

While Iran controls one of the major drug routes in the Middle East. Oil and drugs, the Bush speciality - and the chance to boost numbers.

Bombs away !

An openly stated intent to destroy an elected democracy.

85% of the people polled in a BBC poll considered George Bush the greatest single threat to world peace.

Where is Osama Bin Laden,golfing at the ranch?


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