Tuesday, April 04, 2006

CNN Finally Calls for Bush Impeachment

The Saudis have been a good mix with the Bushs.

Gosh why not five ports - they have the Presidency.

The People of the Lie - Psychopaths


Globilization Paper
One of the hottest selling products in the globalized world. ALL world leaders faces are on the tissue(s).

Jack - Cafferty File Yesssssssssssssssssss

'This deal is nothing short of collusion with a foreign power of unknown intent during wartime. The President should be impeached.' Mike writes, 'This administration has been going in the wrong direction. They've now turned a trot into a mad dash toward oblivion. This C grade President and his cronies are threatening our existence. This port deal must be stopped.' J.R., or excuse me, J.B., Raleigh, North Carolina,

'Jack, give someone enough rope, he'll hang himself. The arrogance of the Bush administration has finally caught up with it, and we're united at last. Putting George Bush in charge of our country was a huge mistake, and my fellow citizens finally realize that it was a disaster. Time to impeach this President.' Eric in Medina, Ohio, 'Congress must act to bar turning port security and operations over to foreign governments or foreign companies. Not merely Arab governments and companies, any foreign authority. American ports must be under the control of our citizens.'

And David writes from Hawaii, 'The last time we had a government that was non-responsive to the wishes of the people they governed, we had a revolution.' Wolf?"

Rock on CNN - keep up the good work Jack...you still work there don't you Jack?

Prescott Bush, grandfather to George, was dubbed "Hitler's Angel" he contributed so much to the success of the Nazi party - all through WII.

Interesting that Bush Jr. flew 300 Saudis from the USA within 48 hours of 9/11. When congress wanted the list of names - Bush classified them. The list has NOT been compared to the terror watch list.


October 20, 1942

The U.S. government, under the Trading with the Enemy Act, ordered the seizure of Nazi German banking operations in New York City that were being conducted by Prescott Bush. The U.S. Alien Property Custodian seized Union Banking Corp.'s stock shares, all of which were owned by Prescott Bush, Avrell Harriman, three Nazi executives, and two other associates of Bush (see sidebar for details).

The Catholic Church was not exactly resistent to Hitler either and today it is amazing that they have over 3000 pedophile cases (the tip of the iceberg) outstanding and yet the mainstream media lauds and promotes the Pope's "International YOUTH day."


An excellent article from Mother Jones that describes the neverland feeling of a Bush reality, while people continue to die and the world wonders if these nut cases will unleash nuclear weapons against Iran.

Mother Jones - by Tom Engelhardt - an excerpt:

Over the last week:

The President came out for an ethanol-powered globe -- that's corn on the cob to you, buddy -- while his Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld announced that our poor planet had somehow gotten more terroristically dangerous since George took the helm. (No fault of his, natch.) Last Tuesday night, of course, the Great Helmsman stood on the congressional deck of state -- perhaps confusing it with the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln (Didn't anyone hear me? Mission accomplished!) -- and declared that we were on nothing less than the "road to victory" in Iraq. (Unfortunately, the message seems not to have gotten through to Iraqis lining that road with IEDs, possibly due to power outages in that country.)

Intelligence "Tsar" John Negroponte visited Congress to deliver the news that Earth was virtually swarming with terrorist groups which already had their hands on WMD. (Sleep well, Virginia.)

At the same time, multitasking like mad, the administration continued its noble war on T-shirts; the Pentagon put political cartoonists on notice that the military high command wasn't going to take a pen jab lying down (no sir!);

and KBR, one of two subsidiaries of the Halliburton Corporation (the other being the U.S. government), received an almost $400 million dollar contract to build emergency "detention facilities" in the homeland (after much practice at Guantanamo). Oh yes, and in their spare time, the President and his closest advisors happily continued to exercise another of those handy prerogatives of the Commander-in-Chief in wartime by essentially amending the Constitution to wipe out the odd check or balance.

Am I going too fast for you?

Then, take a breath, buckle on your seatbelt, put on your helmet, check your oxygen gauge, and then let me beam these stories up to you one at a time (along with a few other gems stored in the Mother Ship of my brain). (More at the link noted above)

CNN has been pro-war for some time, so this is quite a departure from the usual totalitarian drivel. Thanks Jack.

It is important to note which companies and families traded with the Nazis during WWII.
http://www.bartcop.com/421102.htm Why? Well because they are still trading with the enemy and selling out their own county - different generation - same shit.

Many of the great houses of American industry and finance had very dirty hands when it came to dealing with the Nazis. General Motors, IBM, Standard Oil and many others have had their sorted dealings with the enemies of the United States aired in public forums. However, one criminal has had little exposure – Prescott Bush, father and grandfather to two occupants of the Whitehouse.


So how many more people have to die before we can see with both eyes and act with our hearts and minds? Hmm...what is your limit?


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