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Babs - the Entitled

Training the perfect narcissistic personality disorder

John Nichols: 'Barbara Bush:

It's good enough for the poor'

Posted on Thursday, September 08 @ 09:27:51 EDT

By John Nichols, The Nation

Finally, we have discovered the roots of George W. Bush's "compassionate conservatism."On the heels of the president's "What, me worry?" response to the death, destruction and dislocation that followed upon Hurricane Katrina comes the news of his mother's Labor Day visit with hurricane evacuees at the Astrodome in Houston.Commenting on the facilities that have been set up for the evacuees -- cots crammed side-by-side in a huge stadium where the lights never go out and the sound of sobbing children never completely ceases -- former First Lady Barbara Bush concluded that the poor people of New Orleans had lucked out.

"Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this, this is working very well for them,"

Mrs. Bush told American Public Media's "Marketplace" program, before returning to her multi-million dollar Houston home.On the tape of the interview, Mrs. Bush chuckles audibly as she observes just how great things are going for families that are separated from loved ones, people who have been forced to abandon their homes and the only community where they have ever lived, and parents who are explaining to children that their pets, their toys and in some cases their friends may be lost forever. Perhaps the former first lady was amusing herself with the notion that evacuees without bread could eat cake.At the very least, she was expressing a measure of empathy commensurate with that evidenced by her son during his fly-ins for disaster-zone photo opportunities.

Bandar Bush (run a search under his name and ask for the money trail to 9/11 terrorists ...come on ...try it)

Well they got away with the biggest savings and loan scam in the history of the USA, so why not keep going. (BCCI, Neil Bush, SNL - search topics)

The entire family is above the law.

"But why should we hear about body bags, and deaths, and how many, what day it's gonna happen, and how many this or what do you suppose? Or, I mean, it's, it's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?"- Barbara Bush on "Good Morning America," 3/18/2003

Barbara Bush Threatens Democratic Presidential Candidates Barbara Bush:" you can criticize me, but don't criticize my children and don't criticize my daughters-in-law and don't criticize my husband, or you're dead." CNN Larry King Live - Interview With Barbara Bush - October 22,

The "let them eat cake" Babs contribution of the week:

Former first lady's donation aids son - Katrina funds earmarked to pay for Neil Bush's software program

By CYNTHIA LEONOR GARZA Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle -->

Former first lady Barbara Bush donated an undisclosed amount of money to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund with specific instructions that the money be spent with an educational software company owned by her son Neil.

Since then, the Ignite Learning program has been given to eight area schools that took in substantial numbers of Hurricane Katrina evacuees.


...Like Neil didn't bilk enough from the public in the S & L scam... wow these folks are bottomless.


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