Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Pedophiles Among Us

Oh ya, from Franklingate to Gannongate the pedophile ring of the GOP just will not go away.

Brian Doyle, ANOTHER pedophile working for Homeland Security - busted in a pedophile ring sting.

While they spy (illegally) on American citizens and have records on your children...

Who hired this man? What kind of background checks did they run on him?

The Washington Times from 1980's pedophile ring ...


Report the TRUTH

The book jacket (back) written by Senator John DeCamp (double click to enlarge) and by all means run your own search under
Republican (and Democrat) pedophiles.

i.e. more recently

"Taliban Bob" McDonnell: You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

by: Lowell October 19, 2005 at 01:00:00 America/New_York

You know, some stuff is so incredible, you can't even make it up. For instance, the Republican candidate for Attorney General, Bob McDonnell -- who has earned the nickname "Taliban Bob" for his obsession with sodomy and his gay-baiting of a woman (Newport News Circuit Judge Verbena Askew) he suspected of being a lesbian -- once employed a pedophile as his campaign manager! That's right, McDonnell's former top aide, Robin W. Vanderwall, was convicted on July 26, 2004, for "attempted indecent liberties with children." According to the Virginian-Pilot (January 14, 2003):

Vanderwall, 34, is charged with two felonies - use of a communication device for crimes against children and attempted indecent liberties with a child 14 or younger.

Vanderwall was arrested after he contacted a Virginia Beach police officer who was posing as an underage boy in an Internet chat room, according to prosecutors. The officer agreed to meet with Vanderwall at a Virginia Beach park on the evening of Jan. 10. Vanderwall was arrested when he showed up at the park.

Vanderwall ran Del. Robert F. McDonnell's successful campaign against former Sheriff Frank Drew for the House of Delegates in 1999.

A group of narcissistic, pedophiles
torture worldwide, (likely filming and distributing snuff movies) and continue to run sick camps where
their fascist fantasies have become American policy.

The corporation is a psychopath.


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