Thursday, April 06, 2006

False Prophets and Totalitarian Toadies

Paging Dr. Freud,

It would be funny if the entire situation were not so sad.

Mike German, a seventeen-year FBI veteran agent, resigned from the bureau 2004 after he discovered the Bush administration was not serious about investigating right-wing terrorist groups active in the United States and that his FBI bosses were failing to investigate links between Florida-based right-wing Christian identity terrorist groups and foreign Islamic terrorist groups. Others familiar with the Fellowship confirm that the group is an "End Times" Christian survivalist group that wants to bring about Armageddon to rid the world of non-whites and non-Christians.

The Bush report to his masters:

The constitution is in tatters, and women's reproductive rights will be completely gone. By this time next year, we should have women as restricted as they are in the Holy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, your gracious Highness.

Why do I always feel like the GOP have McCain's wife in a back room somewhere threatening to pull out her fingernails?

John and George - eating cake while Katrina happened.

In 2005, the Ohio evangelical movement became part of the focus of Federal and state criminal probes into the laundering of state funds into the coffers of the Bush-Cheney 04 campaign and the Ohio Republican Party.

An investment firm called MDL was being investigated for fraud involving two rare coin funds managed for the Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation fund. Up to $12 million from the funds was discovered missing. The managing director of MDL was Joe Watkins, an evangelical Lutheran pastor from Philadelphia. Watkins, a well known African American Republican, was tied to Kenneth Blackwell and the anti-gay and anti-Kerry evangelical political crusade in Ohio that was nurtured by Karl Rove and was partly instrumental in turning the 2004 election to Bush.

... and there is nothing Godly about it.


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