Saturday, April 08, 2006

It IS Time for the Caine Mutiny, Sheeple

War criminals are placing judges, setting foreign policy, destroying the American domestic economy and selling jobs, while letting SLAVE labor over the border.

(Day labor work passes are right out of SOUTH AFRICAN apartheid. )

Each religion is a path, like the spoke of a wheel - God resides in the center, your center.

Gawd what does it take to get someone to resign - these cretins are shameless. Clearly above the law - Mugabe Bush RULES on.

One of many photos of Bush with the indicted Jack Abramoff.

Amongst a bunch of sophomoric twitters, the Bush administration originally announced OIL - then only changed it to OIF (Freedom replaced Liberation) after it became apparent that the WORLD could see through their intent for some time.

This week we discovered yet more FACT about the lying mr. bush..

Shocking new revelations -- more reasons to impeach Bush - More conspiracies, lies and crimes revealed

This ad has been placed in the NY Times,the SF Chronicle, and the Boston Globe
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The growing nation-wide effort to impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney is emblematic of a larger issue: what kind of country is the United States to become.

Yesterday’s news brought out two explosive pieces of information:

Lewis Libby, the indicted chief aide to Dick Cheney, has admitted under oath before a Federal Grand Jury that it was George W. Bush himself who authorized Libby to illegally “leak” classified information to New York Times reporter Judith Miller in July, 2003 in an effort to discredit Ambassador Joseph Wilson who had publicly stated that “there is nothing to the story” that Saddam Hussein’s government was trying to buy uranium for a nuclear weapons program. Wilson is the husband of Valerie Plame, the undercover CIA operative whose identity was revealed to the media as retaliation for Wilson’s contention that Bush’s assertions about Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction were false. The “classified information” that Bush and Cheney authorized Libby to plant in the New York Times turned out to be entirely false.
Bush’s Attorney General admitted yesterday that Bush believes that he has the authority to personally authorize the secret wiretapping, without any court order, of any and all conversations and emails between Americans that occur exclusively within the borders of the United States. Earlier it was revealed that Bush set up a massive secret wiretapping operation monitoring a huge number of Americans, but he had asserted that it was only to listen in on conversations of people in the United States who were making international calls and emails.
The fact that Bush has not already had articles of impeachment filed in the House of Representatives is clear evidence that the people must act forcefully as the true guardians of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That is exactly what the movement is doing. When impeachment looked remote, there were still tens of thousands of individuals who tirelessly worked to collect petitions, hold rallies, wrote and called members of Congress and donated so that we could place newspaper ads all across the country.

Today, impeachment is not remote at all. It reflects the majority sentiment. Recent polls show that by 52% to 43% majority the American people favor impeachment if it is proved that Bush lied about the reasons for going to war. A nearly similar majority support impeachment if the President broke Federal wiretapping laws by authorizing the secret wiretapping of Americans without a court order when there is no evidence or inquiry of criminal wrongdoing.

Yesterday’s revelations confirm again that this is a lawless administration. Impeachment is imperative. This is a challenge for every person in this country who has a commitment to the Constitution. The people must continue to act rather than wait for the politicians to lead.

Now that more than 700,000 people have voted for impeachment at it is urgent that we do everything in our power to make the issue of Bush’s criminal conduct a major issue between now and the November Congressional elections. The newspaper ads are an excellent way to keep the issue of impeachment front and center. We have succeeded in placing more and more ads because of the donations of the people who are committed to this course.

We want to increase the visibility in the weeks ahead with even more newspaper ads. Please continue to show your support by making a generous donation on-line or by learning how you can send a check. This is a grassroots people’s movement. It is historic and it can succeed with your help. Click here to make your contribution.

-All of us at VoteToImpeach/


For those who are wondering what to DO - this is a great place to start.

Personally I think Bush and Cheney should be arrested on suspicion of treason, abuse of power, criminal negligence (9/11 AND Katrina), money laundering and the list goes on.


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