Friday, March 31, 2006

Resign - Mr. President - You Are a Thug !

And take the king of VICE with you ! PU-LEASE

The abuse of power, money laundering, conflict of interest,
DICK, who thinks he and his cronies have the right to destroy American democracy - while promoting a corporate monopolistic tyranny throughout the world.

Censure ? ARREST his sorry ass and seize the assets he has acquired by bilking the American taxpayer in war profiteering.

The direct contacts between the Abramoff mafia and the Bush cabal are at the link above. (The House That Jack Built).. Bush has been scurrying about trying to buy up every photograph of himself with Abramoff).

The religious RITE - a money laundry that makes the mafia look like boy scouts. Murder,
casinos...praise the lord they do it all !

Ah yes and the religious rite OWN the damn voting machines. The DIEbold machines of no paper trail that offered up results NOT matching the exit polls in EVERY state where they were in use.

Naw he just classified the records that show he flew over 300 Saudis from the country while airspace was shut down to the world.

Then when congress wanted the list of Saudi names (to compare with the terror watch list).

He and Cheney classified the docs.

Time to hunt em down, and smoke em out of his HOLE.

And 35 % of the population still believe them...



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