Sunday, March 05, 2006

Above the Law - the Unaccountable Bush GOP

Diebold the firm with voting machines free of paper trail or any way to check to see if they have been hacked. Owned by partisans who openly promised given states to Bush.

Abramoff's connections to organized crime, a murder, and the largest contributor (along with ENRON) to the Bush administration.

What did he get in return?

Ah old Ralphie...takes money from the holy to fight casinos...then invests the money in casinos..making a killing. Part of the money laundry established between the White House and organized religion.

Abramoff's mafia America would not be complete without the mafia judges planted on the Supreme Court who placed Bush in the first place.

Scalia...whose contacts with the Bush campaign have never been investigated...does not recuse himself from cases, to the contrary..he goes duck hunting with Dick while considering the case as to whether or not the public should know the names of the oil companies who plotted the invasion of Iraq with ol Dick.

I guess he knows the result if he doesn't vote for Dick.

The "We do not torture" facility run in Cuba where they do exactly that. Of course the USA has a l-ong history of torture from 365 years of legislated SLAVERY, to today where more people are incarcerated per capita than anywhere in the world.

Check it out your own search. Their labor is contracted back to AT&T and others using the prison populace as faceless

AND here is a summary of the charges against the thugs and dead enders in office who have opted out of Intl Court, the Geneva Convention and consistently operate above their own domestic law with seeming impunity. The law in fact is a joke under the Bush Administration...something applied only to those who oppose Bush.

The Think Progress site has a summary of the charges outstanding against the criminal GOP.

Abramoff: The House That Jack Built

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A comprehensive look at the potential scope of the “biggest scandal in Congress in over a century“:
Jack Abramoff *
SunCruzSen. Conrad Burns +Rep. Tom DeLay +Rep. Bob Ney *Adam Kidan *Neil Volz
Tigua CasinoSen. John CornynRep. Bob Ney * +Rep. Don YoungRalph ReedMichael Scanlon *Neil Volz
Mariana IslandsSen. Conrad Burns +Rep. Tom DeLay +Rep. Don YoungPresident Bush +
Saginaw FundingSen. Conrad Burns +Sen. Byron Dorgan +Rep. J.D. Hayworth +
ChoctawsGrover NorquistRalph Reed
Capital Athletic FoundationJulie Doolittle *
Coushatta CampaignRep. Roy Blunt +Rep. Eric Cantor +Sen. Thad Cochran +Rep. Tom DeLay +Rep. John DoolittleSen. John EnsignSen. Charles GrassleyRep. J. Dennis Hastert +Rep. Ernie Istook +Sen. Trent LottSen. Harry ReidRep. Pete SessionsRep. David Vitter +Rep. Roger WickerGrover Norquist
CronyismSen. Conrad Burns +Rep. Tom DeLay +Rep. John DoolittleRep. Bob Ney * +Grover NorquistTony RudyNeil VolzJ. Steven GrilesSusan Ralston
FavorsRep. Bob Ney * +Rep. Richard Pombo +Rep. David Vitter +Rep. Don YoungDoug BandowItalia FedericiTimothy FlaniganJ. Steven GrilesGale A. NortonSusan Ralston
TripsRep. Tom DeLay +Rep. John DoolittleRep. Tom Feeney +Rep. Bob Ney *Ed BuckhamSusan HirschmannRalph ReedDavid Safavian
MashpeeRep. Richard Pombo +
GiftsRep. Tom DeLay +Rep. John DoolittleSen. Tom Harkin +Rep. J.D. Hayworth +Rep. Bob Ney * +Rep. Don Young


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