Friday, March 24, 2006

Deja Vu - A US Government of Thugs and Dead Enders

While the CORPORATE paid news prevents the truth from reaching the American public. The truth that over 250,000 Iraqis (many children) have been murdered in US raids, bombs, and two ten year olds were recently released from Guantanamo after being incarcerated without charge for TWO years.

Over 16,000 American soldiers have been mutilated, and permanently maimed.

While treason trucks on

Well I don't know about the President Wes Clark bit, (is he Bilderberg or Trilateral Commission?)

How about President Cynthia McKinney, a person who has had the temerity to STAND and speak in her own personal integrity to this criminal supreme court and presidency.

It really is "like deja vu all over again" (as Yogi Berra would wax)..

Excerpt from the seventies when this ugly monster was rearing its head once again:

The Survey Research Center of the University of Michigan had been posing the question: "Is the government run by a few big interests looking out for themselves?" The answer in 1964 had been "yes" from 26 percent of those polled; by 1972 the answer was "yes" from 53 percent of those polled. An article in the American Political Science Review by Arthur H. Miller, reporting on the extensive polling done by the Survey Research Center, said that the polls showed "widespread, basic discontent and political alienation." He added (political scientists often took on the worries of the Establishment): "What is startling and somewhat alarming is the rapid degree of change in this basic attitude over a period of only six years."

Undoubtedly, much of this national mood of hostility to government and business came out of the Vietnam war, its 55,000 casualties, its moral shame, its exposure of government lies and atrocities. On top of this came the political disgrace of the Nixon administration in the scandals that came to be known by the one-word label "Watergate," and which led to the historic resignation from the presidency—the first in American history—of Richard Nixon in August 1974.


and to quote Ronald Reagan "There you go again."

Perhaps a first step in America would be to teach the public the real history of the country - at home and abroad. Then a holocaust museum or two to the millions who have died from America's narcissistic psychopathy called foreign policy, might serve to remind Americans that the true past is one of torture and brutality.

Think about it. There were over 365 years of slavery in America. A time when black families were deliberately separated, women raped and used as house slaves to white male masters.
Yet there is not ONE holocaust museum (built by the perpetrators) to that travesty in America

In Viet Nam, another illegal war, over three million Vietnamese were killed while America tried to bring them democracy over a communist state.

In South America death squads, trained in the School of Americas, returned (as they have in Iraq) to terrorize any groups deemed leftist. In South America they murdered Father Romero, a Roman Catholic priest who took his vow of poverty seriously and sympathized with the poor people being driven from their land by corrupt corporate interests.

It takes five minutes to run a search on the internet. Please take the time to check out the School of Americas, and the history of the USA in the world.

Hardly a role model, the USA is seen as a hypocritical country that: tortures, runs drugs, and has the largest poppy crop in history coming out of Afghanistan this year. From Columbia to Afghanistan the oil and drugs are completely integreted with the Bush CIA.

For old movie buffs, you might want to watch "Three Days of the Condor" (Robert Redford)
and for those who know the script, I think you would agree with me that today, if the news was taken to any mainstream news outlet it would be buried (after a huge payoff from Bush Inc)

What I find most infuriating about all this is the incredible sense of entitlement some folks have...largely a group of rich white men, who made their money bilking the public in the first place... Arrghh....

Let's just enforce the Patriot Act and arrest Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rice, and more than half of congress, who are not enforcing the law, or upholding it themselves.

Visualizing - the frog march to justice of Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rice, Powell, Bush II, Bandar Bush,
Frist, DeLay, Abramoff, Stepehen Harper...the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission
and the CFR.

Americans and Canadians after kicking out ALL sitting members of Parliament, hold new elections with complete paper trails to every vote and plenty of machines where EVERYONE can vote. (Not lining up for SIX and NINE hours in poor parts of town, like the USA.)

Visualizing a FREE North America, where Canadian troops are ONLY sent to fight a war after a debate in Parliament and the Canadian people being consulted, NOT ordered by a few white men, in secret, to do their bidding. Then having the public told they cannot and should not question the decision. THAT is not democracy.


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