Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bin Laden Business Partner Was Head of 911 Commission

Immediately following 911, I felt nothing but overwhelming grief, trauma and a desire to help those who had been hit in the WTC, in any way I could. I ran a small business and contributed funds to the 911 survivor site, and I sobbed watching the firemen describe the soot pouring down from the sky as, "God's tears."

But, I started to get a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach the moment the Bush administration moved to block any investigation of 911. Then, when pressured to start an investigative commission, Bush hired Henry Kissinger,( a man closely connected to the Iran Contra affair and named in World Court as a war criminal, for his part in American invasions, assassinations and murders worldwide). This choice drew too much backdraft, so Bush uncharacteristically replaced him with Thomas Kean, a former Bin Laden business partner.

Conflict of interest seems to mean nothing to this administration, as contracts are directed to Halliburton, companies are deregulated and offshore deals are sweetened to have the taxpayer pay for the company to relocate where they pay no taxes.

This is the wonderful investigative world of "W" and the Bush crime family. They have been on the wrong side of the law since WWII and never held accountable.

Yes indeed, an entire WHITEWASH of 911, referred to as an "investigation" - is the way the victims of 911 have been honoured. That and the White House milking the biggest national tragedy and stand down in history, as if it is something to be proud of, as if they were ON DUTY defending America when it happened and not slathering in the background like PRECIOUS (Lord of the Rings) waiting to pounce on the ring.

Karl Rove says audacious, I say psychopathic.

The Oil Empire site (below) has the low down on the 911 commission farce and why it needs to investigated.

The Final Fraud9/11 Commission closes its doors to the public; Cover-Up CompleteBy Michael Kane
The 9/11 "Warren Commission"(the "Warren Commission" was the official inquiry that covered up the coup d'etat against President Kennedy) 9/11 COVER-UP COMMISSION: Corrupting Conflicts and Connections Commission: The official coverup guideThe Kean Commission came to New York the second week of May for a two-day set of hearings at The New School University. As hundreds of Sept. 11th family members, reporters and curious New Yorkers lined up for airport-style security checks, they received copies of a new 24-page booklet published by NY 9/11 Truth, with help from"Scamming America: The Official 9/11 Cover-up" is named after a quote by former Sen. Max Cleland, who resigned from the commission last November with the words, "Bush is scamming America."Cleland attacked his own commission after the other members cut a deal to accept highly limited access to CIA reports to the White House that may indicate advance knowledge of the attacks on the part of the Bush administration. "This is a scam," Cleland said. "It's disgusting. America is being cheated.""As each day goes by," Cleland said, "we learn that this government knew a whole lot more about these terrorists before September 11 than it has ever admitted.... Let's chase this rabbit into the ground. They had a plan to go to war and when 9/11 happened that's what they did; they went to war."The new booklet features articles about the Kean Commission's breathtaking conflicts of interest and complete failure to ask any of the questions about September 11 that really matter.


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