Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Are You Brainwashed ?

There is a deliberate attempt by American TV media to manipulate facts in Bush's favor, while ignoring truths critical to the present and future of the country as a whole.

i.e. A CNN report (http://mediamatters.org/items/200509120007) is completely contrary to the current trend that shows Bush's ratings in a freefall. (The web has daily misrepresentations from "the Situation Room" (Wolf Blitzer) and both Saturday Night Live and the Daily Show use Blitzer as a regular foil.)

i.e. excerpt from link:

On the September 12 edition of CNN's The Situation Room, White House correspondent Suzanne Malveaux claimed that "we have seen poll numbers improve" since Coast Guard Vice Adm. Thad Allen took charge of the Bush administration's Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts -- despite the fact that most publicly available polling shows the Bush administration's numbers in a free fall. Later in the program, Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer claimed that Bush's poll numbers are going up -- but used a misleading comparison of different polls conducted by different news organizations using different methodologies in order to do so. "

Before you are too hard on yourself, realize that the entire propaganda process is based on fear and isolation. (Don't trust anyone, constant threat of terror attack, turn in your neighbor, etc. )

A quick comparison of Nazi propaganda to the current Rove rhetoric (repetition to attach feelings to rote with loads of flags, lots of troops) and hear the similarity - it is rather astounding that no one in the media has accused Rove of stealing source material from Goering (Hitler's propaganda minister).

Hitler broke the law then changed it to suit him, just as Bush does.

Do you plan to start an illegal, immoral war - then you had best opt out of the International Court. Do you PLAN to abuse the Geneva Convention - best opt out of that in advance.

Before Hitler marched into Poland he had a number of Poles killed and dressed them in Polish army uniforms, threw their bodies on the German side of the border, then had the fawning press photograph them, presenting the case to the German public that Poland had attempted to invade Germany. Shortly thereafter Nazi Germany invaded Poland. (In much the same way as the first invasion of Kuwait by Iraq... AGAIN Powell claimed at the UN ...that Saddam Hussein had tanks lined up on the Kuwaiti border ready to invade - the UN took him on his word LATER SATELLITE SHOTS SHOW THERE WERE NO TANKS ON THE BORDER.

Cheney and Bush meet with energy CEO's to set policy for the Middle East, then refuse to release the names of the company executives to the public, and the Supreme Court (Scalia goes duck hunting with Cheney WHILE REVIEWING THE CASE and refuses to recuse himself, deciding OF COURSE in Cheney's favor and against the American people).

While the only TV press coverage available to Americans is a programmed, insulated,
Republican SPIN machine that replaces any true critical thought. Clear Channel spews the likes of Rush Limbaugh with a hate pogrom that could not reach the airwaves in Canada, Germany, or Britain under hate crimes laws. Yet Bill Bennett and the other compassionate conservatives make their Nazi comments about wanting to "abort every black baby to end crime", as if it were a message from God, and not Gawd.

Goering and his propaganda machine were tried at Nuremberg for War Crimes. One hopes,when the smoke clears, that the owners of these propaganda machines are brought to justice for their crimes against humanity in promoting and celebrating a culture of war.

This particular link http://www.hermes-press.com/brainwash1.htm is all about brainwashing in America.


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