Wednesday, September 28, 2005

USA - Sixty Years of Lies is Long Enough

U.S. corporations traded with Nazi Germany throughout WWII. Yes, while Dad was fighting on the beaches or stuck in some hell hole in hand to hand combat, the good ol boys of commerce were trading their ass off with the enemy.

Unfortunately while many were being tried at Nuremberg,as Saddam Hussein will soon be tried in Iraq, the U.S. corporations who sold weapons and the intelligence agencies who funded war crimes and profited from trading with the enemy - went free. They went free to repeat the same crimes in Viet Nam, Iraq, Iran, South America, all around the world. Heavens there are documents in the National Archives which never saw the light day during the last Presidential campaign in America. Documents that clearly show, during WWII the Bush family had assets seized "for trading with the enemy." Holocaust survivors in Germany have launched a law suit against the Bush's for profiting on the proceeds of Auschwitz and the information does not even hit TV prime time in "free" America.

Americans are fed a corporate owned propagandized "news" which is nothing but a limited view of the world FROM America. Americans largely have no idea how their corporations behaved in WWI, WWII, or now. Many refuse to see or find out.

The WORLD is growing very weary of the Bush Brownie mantra that America is bringing "freedom" to the world, while there is martial law throughout most of the south and an already disenfranchised black voter is further displaced and moved from state to state by hurricanes. (How convenient come voting time, you won't have those pesky black voters lining up to vote at another convenient polling station of one machine to ten million HUMAN beings. If you want to look at racial inequality check out the voting machine assignments per jurisdiction).

The truth is that a number of prominent American families and businesses profited handsomely from Hitler's slave camps, and even sold the gas that exterminated Jews, homosexuals, and anyone else they wanted exterminated. Today they pose behind a facade of decency. As if wearing an expensive suit and having an estate could wash the blood from their hands or their predisposition to murder would stop genetically with that one generation. No, it continues and as long as we insist on keeping our eyes closed we will send our children to die for them.

Being conscious is painful, yet I suspect a requirement, and perhaps the entire reason for one's existence.

Here are some excerpts from "Information Clearing House:" (link in the links summary at end of excerpt)

"Before, during, and after the Good War, the American business class traded with the enemy. Among the US corporations that invested in the Nazis were Ford, GE, Standard Oil, Texaco, ITT, IBM, and GM (top man William Knudsen called Nazi Germany "the miracle of the 20th century").

And while the US regularly turned away Jewish refugees to face certain death in Europe, another group of refugees was welcomed with open arms after the war: fleeing Nazi war criminals who were used to help create the CIA and advance America's nuclear program.

US General Curtis LeMay, commander of the 1945 Tokyo fire bombing operation, summed up: "I suppose if I had lost the war, I would have been tried as a war criminal. Fortunately, we were on the winning side."

The enduring Good War fable goes well beyond Memorial Day barbecues and flickering black-and-white movies on late night TV. WWII is America's most popular war. According to accepted history, it was an inevitable war forced upon a peaceful people thanks to a surprise attack by a sneaky enemy. This war, then and now, has been carefully and consciously sold to us as a life-and-death battle against pure evil. For most Americans, WWII was nothing less than good and bad going toe-to-toe in khaki fatigues.

But, Hollywood aside, John Wayne never set foot on Iwo Jima. Despite the former president's dim recollections, Ronald Reagan did not liberate any concentration camps. And, contrary to popular belief, FDR never actually got around to sending our boys "over there" to take on Hitler's Germany until after the Nazis had already declared war on the US first.

American lives weren't sacrificed in a holy war to avenge Pearl Harbor nor to end the Nazi Holocaust. WWII was about territory, power, control, money, and imperialism. What we're taught about the years leading up to the Good War involves the alleged appeasement of the Third Reich. If only the Allies were stronger in their resolve, the fascists could have been stopped. Having made that mistake once, the mantra goes, we can't make it again.

Let us at least identify them so we no longer walk with our eyes closed. I ran a search today and over 60,000 links came up:

He was now the leader or Fuhrer of what was to be known as Nazi Germany. ...
The forces that put Hitler into power, and made WWII happen, are now using ... - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

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Among the US corporations that invested in the Nazis were Ford, GE, Standard Oil,
... WWII was about territory, power, control, money, and imperialism. ... - 17k - Cached - Similar pages

The True Cause of World War 2, WWII
Discover the True Cause of WWII, including timeline and statistics of the Second
... Farben to the plans of the German Nazi Party can be illustrated by a ... - 54k - Cached - Similar pages

The Blood of Thousands
The aerial bombing of Nazi Germany was controlled by Wall Street to protect their
... The reader needs to be reminded that during WWII there were no ... - 30k - Cached - Similar pages

During WWII Zaledi was imprisoned for collaborating with the Nazis. ... Now that
brings the body count as a result of CIA intervention to one million to 1.5 ... - 193k - Cached - Similar pages

WWII: The World at War 1940
WWII: The World at War in the year 1940, Germans Victory in Europe 1940, ...
Sweden's crucial role supplying Nazi Germany iron ore and military facilities. ... - 60k - Cached - Similar pages

ENOUGH FANZiNE punk, hc, emo, ska music magazine and more
Alexander Cockburn has called D-Day a "sideshow," explaining that WWII had already
... Among the US corporations that invested in the Nazis were Ford, GE, ... php?cID=99&view=columns_detail - 40k - Sep 26, 2005 - Cached - Similar pages

The next time someone you know speaks of WWII in hallowed tones, remind them that:
... Among the US corporations that invested in the Nazis were Ford, GE, ... - 15k - Cached - Similar pages Hollywood At War, Then and Now
... as he did in WWII, Stewart served his country. Now, flash-forward 35 years.
... And after the war was over, the US scrambled to get as many Nazi rocket ... - 64k - Sep 26, 2005 - Cached - Similar pages

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Wall Street-Nazi Collaboration in World War II
... and the enquiry now in progress will be of real value in allowing us for the
... Collaboration between American businessmen and Nazis in Axis Europe was ... - 39k - Cached - Similar pages


After WWII, the CIA imported Nazi Gestapo officers to work in the CIA (run a search, the information is in the National Archives of the USA) saving a number from prosecution.

Today,we have a shrill George W. Bush screaming for the prosecution of Saddam Hussein for war crimes. A war crime, presumably committed with chemical weapons sold to him by the U.S.A. - by one Donald Rumsfeld.

We hear nothing of the School of Americas, the infamous TERROR TRAINING SCHOOL in the USA where people are trained go back to South America and be part of death squads and create insurrection in other countries (largely for profit and often in drug running CIA ops).

While the nine BILLION dollars that the GOP lost as their component in the "oil for food scandal" is of course completely unmentioned in their report on the UN. (This group could make Goering blush).

Sixty years of lies is enough. The U.S.A. has operated a corporate coup for the past few years under George W. Bush. It is time to make some arrests and have the appropriate war criminal trials. Statesmen and stateswomen are no longer in office. These are paid off criminals delivering a socialized welfare state for business. If the USA is to regain ANY credibility in the WORLD this treason MUST be prosecuted.


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