Monday, October 10, 2005

Truth to Treason - Stand

Many of us have been immobilized by the sheer magnitude of evil and corruption that seems to ooze from the Bush Administration at every turn. We really must however, stiffen our resolve and STAND. Just keep telling the truth and speaking out to anyone and everyone who will listen. Write letters to congress, DEMAND they behave as statesmen with some integrity, ethics and commitment to the country.

An example of such courage in the face of considerable odds goes back to the sixties, when Daniel Ellsberg, a Marine Commander in the Pentagon, blew the doors off the Viet Nam war profiteers by releasing top secret documentation from the Pentagon that proved the war was one for profit, no more - no less.

Fortunately, Mr. Ellsberg is still standing for the country and the constitution, speaking out across America. He has some excellent suggestions for dealing with powerlessness.

May we each find our own core of ethics, integrity and character to stand and say - no more - not now - not EVER.

Imagine millions of us standing... holding candles... surrounding the White House demanding the truth be seen?

"There is a personal and national price to be paid by silence and passive obedience, in the face of such folly, that is greater than the pain of being called names, greater even than the loss of a job or career. It is the price of participating in and failing to expose and resist national disasters, unnecessary and wrongful wars. That was the price—-of accepting a definition of patriotism as unquestioning support of national Executive leadership-—paid by nearly all citizens in Hitler’s Germany, Tojo’s and Emperor Hirohito’s Japan, in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the U.S. invasion of Vietnam: and now Iraq."


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