Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bush's Brownie Broadcasting System

Before I became too depressed watching the Bush oligarchy repeat history, I was researching material for a book about women who worked for British intelligence and the French Resistance against the Nazi occupation of France during WWII.

After the first war to end all wars, WWI, Germany (the aggressor) was broke and weighted down with reparation payments to all the major countries of Europe,in particular France. How could Germany build itself up in such a short period of time to not only become a world power but to start invading countries at will?

As I investigated further I became more and more horrified. Here within the dusty pages of history was the trail of American investment in Germany, in particular with Hitler, German banks and American banks linked directly to the Bush family, and various other prominent American families. The U.S. National Archive confirms the Bush family had assets seized for "trading with the enemy" and they had continued their trade throughout the desperate Battle of Britain. I suddenly knew why my ninety year old aunt wanted to throw a chair through a TV set everytime some American claimed the U.S.A. had single-handedly "won" WWII, the last good war.

No, not only are American history texts shining examples of omission..their news media puts Hitler's to shame. No one puts it more succinctly than The Black Commentator, Glen Ford from BC Radio:


Text of Radio BC audio commentary

August 12 2005

Warmongering Media

Black Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is a truth-teller. Her reputation for honesty and accuracy has been confirmed many times over since she sounded the alarm about the lies of the Bush regime regarding the events of 9/11. But Congresswoman McKinney can’t get a word in edgewise with her hometown newspaper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The paper pretended to cover a day-long congressional briefing on 9/11, back in July, and came away describing the proceedings as consisting of “conspiracy theories.” This, despite the fact that witnesses included 9/11 family members, former intelligence and government workers, whistleblowers and academic experts. Nobody at the briefing charged that the Bush people knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance. Neither has Congresswoman McKinney. But the Atlanta Journal-Constitution made it seem like they did. This is not journalism. It is slander. And lies. The point made by the men and women at the briefing was that government officials and agencies failed to heed clear warnings that an attack on U.S. targets was imminent. Rather than report the congressional briefing like professionals, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution held the participants up to ridicule.

That’s a standard tactic of the U.S. news media, which is really not about news, at all. Just smiling faces with quips and jokes, making fun of the rest of the world on television, and snide, self-satisfied state propagandists holding down newspaper jobs, sneering at anyone who is not hooked up in the power grid. If the role of journalists is to make power accountable, then there is virtually no journalism going on in the United States. That is, no journalism that reaches the masses of the people. Americans are left deaf, blind and dumb to the world around them. This would be sad, if it only affected the population of the United States. But the U.S. is the sole remaining super-power, and the disappearance of journalism means that the criminals in power in Washington can convince the public that up is down, day is night, and hot is cold. Television and the newspapers will not challenge them, and as a consequence, the Bush men are free to wage war against whoever they choose, under any pretense they can conjure up. They can lie at will. Citizens who point out the lies are ignored, or made to look insane, or worse.

Harry Belafonte, the great singer and activist, has been harshly criticized for comparing George Bush to Hitler. I’m going to take it even further. The U.S. corporate media is more dangerous than the Nazi propaganda machine, which was state owned. The German people knew that the German government managed the news. They could take it or leave it. But the U.S. corporate media is pervasive, it is everywhere, with hundreds of channels of propaganda, virtually all of them repeating the same government lies, while claiming to be independent of the government. The corporate media are engaged in a monstrous scam. They are the megaphones of war, just as guilty as the warmongers in Washington. If there are ever war crimes trials in the future, the corporate media should also be under the harshest indictment. And I say that, as a former White House, State Department, and Capitol Hill Correspondent. For Radio BC, I’m Glen Ford.
You can visit the Radio BC page to listen to any of our audio commentaries voiced by Co-Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Glen Ford.

As a fellow human being on this planet, I am grateful there are people of courage like Congresswoman McKinney and Editor in Chief, Mr. Glen Ford. Thank you for standing. We hear you and feel your light, let it shine, let it shine.


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