Friday, October 07, 2005

Thank YOU Luscious Lesbians Lusting Everywhere

While cruising the netherworlds and beating the bushes for factoids on the fascists, I have been impressed by the courage of lesbians everywhere.

As we build up to national coming out day I want to personally thank each and every delicious, iconoclastic lesbian who has had the audacity in a sea of mediocrity to BE herself. If you came out to yourself, or whomever, hooray and yippee for your inner self - free at last.

I can rarely get through this speech by Kate Millett without tearing up and I wanted to share the love, admiration and intent behind the message with you, our world circle of women loving women all around the world.

Kate Millett - Gay Academic Union, Los Angeles, Calif in 1978:

"I think it is important for us to remember that we began, and are powered and have lived and survived on the value, the energy of our passion...that we have been pushed around, slandered, driven away from our families...but we have survived on our passion... It is what has made you alive, what has made your life even that you didn't almost live... Oh how really difficult it has been maintain this love against all the pressure, all the pressure in the other person, in ourselves, in the great world around us... This has been our energy, our force, our strength, our power. They have made it hell and we made it beautiful. Never forget the nights of your love in the days of your working for its freedom, its expansion to fill the world with the roses of those moments out of army of lovers not only can't fail but they could convert revolution to music, into the power of eros. And, in fact, really what was it that we wanted to bring to this place anyway, if it wasn't love."

Simply being oneself in this world is an act of revolution, thank you for having the courage to love.


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