Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Nazification of America

For anyone with a knowledge of world history, the Bush Administration and their entire strategy is fairly transparent by now. However the link below is particularly good because it spells out the comparison visually.

The parallels of the Bush Administration to that of Hitler ARE outstandingly similar. (I'll be adding the links later today that discuss the families of Auschwitz who are suing the Bush family for profiting on the proceeds of that slave, torture, medical experimentation camp).

I would imagine if one is raised around Nazism it is very normal to practice it as a way of life. How would you know any difference if you are largely controlled from birth, sent to the schools of your parents choice and fed propaganda from birth. Instead of questioning a blind flag pledge, we learn to say it by rote, no thought, and to think about it is UNpatriotic. We never receive any news that is not outside a programmed corporate format supportive of the current administration (a placed puppet of corporations).

What are the graduates of the "School of Americas" if not trained terrorists in the ilk of Gestapo officers sent back their own countries to murder priests and anyone else trying to better the lot of local people in villages.

No the U.S.A. has gradually been converted to the identical state as that of Nazi Germany in 1940 and the same family is involved at every step of the way.
The chilling part is how a nation is still half asleep, a nation devoid of education, over 20% languishing in abject poverty growing daily, while a government intent on delivering an unregulated, world of war lords and crime bosses rolls on.

Nope, we ain't in Kansas any more Dorothy, haven't been for s-ome time.



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