Saturday, March 29, 2008

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a country run by psychopathic greed. They taxed the poor blind people into paying companies to move offshore where the companies paid no taxes at all yet expected the government military to invade oil rich countries and steal the natural resources there in the name of "democracy." This action usually does not take place until the placed dictator starts demanding some benefit for the people of that country from their own resources. Then like the British, comes the Imperial force of a southern slave baron.

If a person mentions the war crimes and the occupation of Palestine, coupled with consistent land grabs, you are immediately labeled an "anti-semite." No responsiblity is taken or to be expected from the occupation side of the equation.

While global corporations arm both sides and ramp up patriotism and religious blindness to keep the killing constant and the profits of war consistent.

Once upon a time a corporation called Chevron enslaved people in Burma, and stole land to build a pipeline. They pay to support a brutal militia who oppress the monks, and when there is an uprising of the monks,
and brutal suppression by the militia follows, the Chevron owned cable news media simply distracts by claiming the militia is only backed by the Chinese.
Classic in the devoid-of-responsibility-or-conscience
industry of the global market.

Once upon a time the law of the land was devastated by a force called "shock and awe".

Faster than you can say "opus dei" or my gawd it's fundamentalist fraud in the name of God,
Bush and Cheney have proven once again that the Bush crime family operates totally above the law.

The law of the land is not law at all and applies to the selective few. From Weinberger to Libby the pardons are not pretty and clearly spell out
a near century of familial fraud. From infiltrating and corrupting the CIA to bilking the markets bare...this corporate scourge is not of our race (human) and needs to be held to account.

Once upon a time the people of the land saw the leaders for the illegal, immoral, unlawful
traitors that they were. They stood in collective intention to say, "no more, not now, not ever, and most especially NOT IN OUR NAMES."

Once upon a time the people stood en masse and demanded the LEADERS be held to a conscience based on law and order, and life started to become good again.


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