Friday, March 14, 2008

Pennsylvania Opting for Obama?

Bush has made it very difficult to feel positive about the world and his intellectually challenged speech to the Economic Club of New York this a.m. was a study in
familial incompetence promoted to a dictatorial position.
Being bloody tired of the Bushes I felt it was time for a little, dare I say it, hope.

Pennsylvania it seems has caught the glow, the brilliance of the Obama charisma and common sense approach to problems has touched the core of people across America, who devoid of jobs, a future, or any clear plan for America need hope more than anything else to achieve recovery from one of the most barbaric American regimes in history.


Enthusiasm tilts toward Obama in Pa.

Pennsylvania voter voices: Obama enthusiasm evident, even with Clinton edge
Associated Press Writer AP
Mar 7, 2008

For Edwin David, who served with the famed World War II unit of black fighters known as the Tuskegee Airmen, Sen. Barack Obama is an easy choice.

“Just let me live till voting time in November,” said David, 83, living in retirement in the Pocono Mountains. “In my lifetime, we just might get to see the first African-American president of the United States!”

Fresh from victories in the big states of Ohio and Texas, and with polls having shown her holding the lead here, even if it has dwindled, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton starts her campaign in Pennsylvania as the favorite to win the April 22 primary.

(GWB wasn't the only one to punish Iraq for the oil barons. We have the same problem in Canada. BOTH the Liberal Prime Minister AND the Conservative Prime Minister have signed the NAU without approval from our elected representatives in Mexico, Canada or the USA)

Mrs. Clinton is playing the same separating game which saddens me. She seems determined to push Sen. Obama into dropping to her own level so she can then say, “Oh, he’s no difference. In fact, he’s worse than me. He’s a hypocrite while I say it like it is.” Scary.

I want a country that pulls together, regardless of party. I dream of a country where the poor and middle class have a shot at the so called American Dream. I did and I don’t want my younger family members to have less. I want our country to be respected, if not liked, once again. I want a candidate who is honorable and has character and ethics and fairness. I read recently:

“Man can live without food for 80 days, without water for three days, without air for few minutes but NOT ONE SECOND WITHOUT HOPE. “

The only candidate who has all that is Sen. Obama. I have no choice but to vote for him. I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR SEN. HILLARY CLINTON. to do so would be to abandon my lifelong dedication to truth and ethics.
Just my opinion and my choice.

Texas Veterans for Obama,
Women for Obama

I only have excerpts from this article, the complete
source may be found at:

Red and yellow, black or white, straight or gay, we're all precious in God's sight. Let's get a real human being in the White House.


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