Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Clinton Storm Snows Ohio / Texas

Who will answer the phone at 3 AM the architect of NAFTA
or Hillary?

Under the Bill Clinton, RNC Congress debacle, more than 2 MILLION men of color have been incarcerated in a war on the poor.

In Ohio alone the incarceration of women on welfare has increased dramatically thanks to the welfare act of 1996 negotiated by the
Clintons. In the USA the incarceration rate has increased to 1/100, and their labor, thanks to Hill and Bill is contracted back to corporations - cheap.

So Hillary plants a rumour with the ultra conservative Canadian government who are in lockstep with Bush (Ralph Reed was up in Canada campaigning for Harper in Alberta), and they float a memo (which they immediately retracted) that says Obama has assured them NAFTA comments are "political positioning." CLASSIC CLINTON...attack the opposition over something the Clintons negotiated, signed and celebrated...and manage to distract the public enough to win because the news media is so thick they just cannot keep up. Investigative reporting is hardly their forte'.

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The flag of the North American UNION the result of NAFTA and Bill Clinton's betrayal on trade. COME ON folks...
we know that if you PAY companies to move offshore where they pay NO TAX and then allow them to contract labor for a dollar a day in India...they will do it.

Let us address the SOURCE. Bill and Hillary Clinton set the stage for the rape of America, contracting jobs overseas, paying companies to move offshore. They allowed
Cheney to move the bulk of Halliburton OFFSHORE where they pay no tax at all, yet receive directed contract after directed contract with NO regard for public oversight, or charges of corruption.

We have a north american highway ripping up from Mexico to Canada because of the Clintons and this clan to the right. The collective experience in ripping off the American people and raping and pillaging the world is well known.
We would like REAL CHANGE, not the SNOW JOB Clinton's have used so successfully on the not terribly bright news media.

Diebold delivered New Hampshire to Hillary, unreported by the Mainstream media, now we have one of the most cynical, corrupt distortions that gives her Texas, and Ohio.

If this race comes down to Clinton verses
McCain there is no change, just a society locked in an abusive relationship with its own politicians, while the world groans watching the people duped again.

Let's use our heads and do some research when smears come from the Clinton campaign, invariably they are a distraction from the facts at hand, as they were the past few days in Ohio and Texas.

Where are Hillary's tax forms that allow us to see where 5 million dollars came from that went into her campaign? She says she will release them once she is the chosen candidate...not good enough. No more distractions Hillary - let us see the tax forms.


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