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Enough Evil Entitlement - Hold Them Accountable

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David Bromwich Cheney's Law
Posted October 20, 2007 06:35 PM (EST)

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Midway through the Frontline documentary Cheney's Law, which aired last Tuesday on PBS, a reporter summarizes a judgment the vice president conveyed to listeners in hiding in the hours after the bombings of September 11.

"We will probably," he said, "have to be a country ruled by men rather than laws, in this period." The period, he implied, would last a long time; so the conclusion had all the Cheney markings: cool, complete, defying contradiction. What is astounding is how quickly he arrived at it.

With the testimony of witness after witness, Cheney's Law establishes an alarming fact. For the past seven years, starting not on 9/11 but the moment this administration ascended to power, the vice president has worked tirelessly, almost selflessly, in silence and seclusion, to destroy the American system of constitutional checks and to replace it with an executive government whose levers are operated by a few. In the new system (except where its builders are caught at their work and delayed) there is to be no restraint, no oversight, no accountability.

In the old Soviet Union, which neoconservative privy councilors have closely studied and learned from, the goons and thugs ran everything. Everything: from the machine of the state bureaucracy to the reasons given by obedient judges to the smallest humiliation extorted from a hapless citizen by a police detective or a customs official. Good people were kept out of public life, and out of public service, because Lenin's Law and Stalin's Law had no conceivable place for them. In our society, there have been goons and thugs, of course, but something about American democracy, a something that includes the reading of Miranda rights, seemed to give assurance that they would always be a furtive minority. The manners of the society itself discouraged overt hard-heartedness and cruelty.

The Cheney mutation, in every instance, has had two characteristic steps. In the first, authority is usurped in secret, and power is transferred from its ostensible holder to an agent controlled by the Office of the Vice President. Power having thus changed hands invisibly, a custom-built justification is filed away, to be produced only if the trespass is discovered and questions are asked.

Wrote Emerson: "Yes, we are the cowed,--we, the trustless." Why has "protect" become a favorite verb among our leaders, and "safe" a favorite adjective? How many of the trustless are willing to work the new machine? How many, with Comey and Goldsmith, will refuse? The offer the vice president and president have extended to all Americans is, from one point of view, as generous as it is benign. They want to be our protectors. All they ask in return is unlimited power. Yet this offer reveals a judgment that is indelibly mixed with contempt for something besides the law.

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We are currently not receiving anything but spin over our "news" services, who are in fact
embedded and complicit in manufacturing, supporting and selling war. We can turn this around by holding the Bush Cheney crime syndicate accountable, otherwise the USA is, in the eyes of the world, a lawless state run by the "elite" of thugs and dead enders, who are devoid of conscience and will do anything for a buck as they run the biggest protection racket of all time.


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