Friday, March 21, 2008

Time for a Caine Mutiny?

Well here we are going down the freeway at 150 mph with a drunk at the wheel and no one in the car wants to say anything untoward.

Intel agencies and law enforcement have proven that the president and vice president are above the law, with the entire world observing obstruction of justice, treason,
the largest faith based money laundry in the world and all protected by mainstream media, better known as Operation Mockingbird.
Does anyone really think these crooks will hand the White House over to Democrats?

They might hand it over to Hillary (and Bill) because Hillary has learned to abide by and regurgitate the required message. i.e.

Hillary's Nasty Pastorate

[posted online on March 19, 2008]

There's a reason Hillary Clinton has remained relatively silent during the flap over intemperate remarks by Barack Obama's former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. When it comes to unsavory religious affiliations, she's a lot more vulnerable than Obama.
You can find all about it in a widely under-read article in the September 2007 issue of Mother Jones, in which Kathryn Joyce and Jeff Sharlet reported that "through all of her years in Washington, Clinton has been an active participant in conservative Bible study and prayer circles that are part of a secretive Capitol Hill group known as "The "Fellowship," also known as The Family. But it won't be a secret much longer. Jeff Sharlet's shocking expose' The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power will be published in May.

Sean Hannity has called Obama's church a "cult," but that term applies far more aptly to Clinton's "Family," which is organized into "cells"--their term--and operates sex-segregated group homes for young people in northern Virginia. In 2002, Sharlet joined The Family's home for young men, forswearing sex, drugs and alcohol, and participating in endless discussions of Jesus and power. He wasn't undercover; he used his own name and admitted to being a writer. But he wasn't completely out of danger either. When he went outdoors one night to make a cell phone call, he was followed. He still gets calls from Family associates asking him to meet them in diners--alone.

The Family's most visible activity is its blandly innocuous National Prayer Breakfast, held every February in Washington. But almost all its real work goes on behind the scenes--knitting together international networks of right-wing leaders, most of them ostensibly Christian. In the 1940s, The Family reached out to former and not-so-former Nazis, and its fascination with that exemplary leader, Adolf Hitler, has continued, along with ties to a whole bestiary of murderous thugs. As Sharlet reported in Harper's in 2003:

During the 1960s the Family forged relationships between the U.S. government and some of the most anti-Communist (and dictatorial) elements within Africa's postcolonial leadership. The Brazilian dictator General Costa e Silva, with Family support, was overseeing regular fellowship groups for Latin American leaders, while, in Indonesia, General Suharto (whose tally of several hundred thousand "Communists" killed marks him as one of the century's most murderous dictators) was presiding over a group of fifty Indonesian legislators. During the Reagan Administration the Family helped build friendships between the U.S. government and men such as Salvadoran general Carlos Eugenios Vides Casanova, convicted by a Florida jury of the torture of thousands, and Honduran general Gustavo Alvarez Martinez, himself an evangelical minister, who was linked to both the CIA and death squads before his own demise.


The MSM like to talk about who politicians associate with, their past and who influenced them enroute to the White House, WHERE ARE THEY WHEN IT COMES TO THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY and the criminal cult that placed him in office?

While we are now to believe that John McCain has suddenly gone ahead of both Hillary and Obama in the polls. Let see he wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years and has no idea how to run an economy...could explain why he has no idea that Iraq is why the economy is in the tank. If McCain wins, it simply means Diebold has delivered another election.

Wanta bet right wing fundamentalist Zionist Lieberman, becomes McCain's running mate?

Does anyone know what McCain has not flip flopped on?

He was against the Bush tax cuts to the rich, now he is not only for the tax cuts to the rich - the economy is doin so well he wants to make them permanent.

Good job Brownie, that should help old Grover Norquist out with his goal to both destroy and flush the American government down the drain - (but that is not an inflammatory statement against America?)

In fact can you name ONE thing that the Bush administration has done that is good for America and fellow human beings.


Then one might ask what can you list that this administration has done that has been harmful to America.

Let's look into the rantings of religious right wing preachers on the dole of the faith based money laundry before we attack Obama or his former preacher for speaking truth to treason.

Let us look into Hillary Clinton's religious affiliations and John McCain's connections to a group he used to call "intolerant" and stop this one sided nit picking examination of
Obama's former Minster. Either examine them all equally or not at all.

We are driving down a freeway at about 150 mph with a drunk driver at the wheel who is totally out of his mind. We are the only other people in the car with the guy, what will you do?

Hint, it is way past time for the Caine Mutiny.


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