Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bush Lame, Late Larceny and Lies = State of the Union

As the news from Iraq moves into a black void of nonexistence and computer-chip-in-the -head McCain (McCan't) sputters on about a 100 year war to keep the American Nazi (Republicans) party happy....we at least have the dark shroud of Bush dictatorship broken by the hope of Obama. (Providing they don't assassinate, or orchestrate the usual plane crash to take out any REAL Democratic contenders, Senators, or Presidents). Instead the world was subjected to the "final" State of the Union address by Dubya, the placed, criminal president of the USA.
He has proven that his family is completely above the law and they can manipulate and prevent the truth of their family history from reaching the American people via "news" channels. (It is all there in the National Archives and the Library of Congress for anyone with a brain and an ounce of curiosity).

So along with the following article - a pie in the face to the fascist president delivering another dumb ditty of his deceit filled Dubya presidency.

This is Bill Kristol the right wing idiot from the New Republic who is more than few bricks short of a load receiving the pie he so richly deserves.

The New York Times owes us BIGTIME after filling their pages with the lies of Judith Miller(hyping the "war" in Iraq) a CIA propaganda plant, so this article is a welcome relief from their conflicted "news" reporting.

February 4, 2008
Late and Lame on Warming

Even allowing for the low expectations we bring to any lame-duck president's final State of the Union address, President Bush's brief discussion of climate change seemed especially disconnected from reality: from the seriousness and urgency of the problem and from his own responsibility for obstructing progress.
His call for a new international agreement to address global warming was disingenuous, coming as it did from a president who rejected the Kyoto Protocol as soon as he moved into the White House. His promise to work with other nations on new, low-carbon technologies is one he has been unveiling for the last seven years.
We were told that Mr. Bush's thinking on global warming had evolved. So there were slim hopes that, after years of stonewalling, he might agree to work with Congress on a mandatory program of capping carbon emissions. That would begin to address the problem at home and give the United States the credibility it needs to press other major emitters like China to act. No such luck. Mr. Bush remains wedded to a voluntary approach that has not inspired industry to take aggressive action.
Meanwhile, the stonewalling continues. Despite heavy pressure from Congress and many state governors, the Environmental Protection Agency shows no sign of reversing its decision to prohibit California and more than a dozen other states from moving forward with aggressive measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles.
Nor has the E.P.A. made any visible effort to comply with the Supreme Court's landmark decision last spring requiring the agency to begin regulating carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles. Mr. Bush said he would follow the court's order and the E.P.A. promised at least a draft of new regulations by last fall. We are still waiting.
The administration has long trumpeted technology, not regulation, as the answer. There was no trumpeting last week, when it unexpectedly canceled FutureGen its much-touted, $1.8 billion attempt to develop a cutting-edge coal plant that would turn coal to gas, strip out and store underground the carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change, and then burn the remaining gas to produce hydrogen and electricity. And what of Mr. Bush's hydrogen-powered Freedom Car? That, too, has receded from view.
These setbacks do not mean that government should not seek new technologies to address global warming. Continuing research at all levels is vital. The error is placing too much faith in grandiose projects and technological leaps to solve a problem that is urgently here and now. The most realistic path to reducing global warming gases is to limit emissions across the economy by putting a price on carbon. That would give private industry strong incentives to develop greater efficiencies and cleaner fuels.

This is the path called for in a bill now before Congress. Sponsored by Senator John Warner and Senator Joseph Lieberman, it would impose binding targets on greenhouse gas emissions. It is also the course that Mr. Bush has stubbornly and dismayingly resisted since he arrived in Washington. With a year left in office, Mr. Bush could still make a difference but not with more empty promises and obstruction.


If the House of Commons is forced to VOTE on Afghanistan then PLEASE email, phone or write your ELECTED representative and DEMAND they bring our troops back from protecting UNOCAL (now Chevron's) Pipeline and the BUSH DRUG CROP now the largest in history under this CRIMINAL CIA (Criminals in Action) who like Canadian INTEL seem more bent on destroying their own countries democratic state than anything else. Careful though...if Harper has his way we can legitimize torture, hand prisoners to Americans or Afghans torturing and continue to LIE in lockstep with the lame, late, and larcenous "president" of the USA.

It IS time for a change of political leaders in Canada AND the USA...but consider this. Bush has made himself a dictator, with the patriot act, the removal of habeas corpus and the use of a privatized army, the USA is no longer a democracy. So why on earth would he and his thugs turn that power over to a Democrat in an election ? Hm? We know that the Bush family can commit crimes with complete impunity, they have proven that over nearly eight long years of lying impunity. So along with electing Obama, we need to take ALL Bush appointments on the Supreme Court and REMOVE THEM FROM OFFICE, they were afterall placed by a criminal presidency.

Until the USA can bring justice to the Bush crime family, there is no law in the United States of America, the country is ruled by a criminal intelligence agency that reports to one family, NOT the people of the USA.

Let's demand the news media report the lame, larceny and lies of these criminal administrations in Canada and the USA. It is time.


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