Saturday, December 22, 2007

American Law is Farce - the President is a Criminal

During the selling of the war in Iraq some genius in the U.S. Dept of Defense came up with a deck of cards of the most wanted Iraqis, so the people could play along in their illegal, immoral invasion of Iraq. A game - how cute.

Whereupon those still capable of free thought, came out with a card deck of the corporate criminals who have seized the White House and are bilking the national treasury dry.

Wolfowitz, or Dr. Strangelove, like Bush...just makes it up as he goes along. Hell Bush has as much as said so.
The term "intellectual" is used very loosely with this crowd, who appear to have cornered the market on purchased
educational degrees. Surely Bush did not actually graduate from Harvard, the man cannot speak without a script and when he does he appears to be at about a grade three level of language (and reasoning).

No matter as long as you will lie for the war profiteers and start a war based on talcum powder and some satellite shots from the 1950's (and even those had been doctored). You can say and do anything in this world regardless of laws if you are a Bushite.

You are quite simply UNACCOUNTABLE ...which makes all of American Law a farce. Only select people are ever held accountable those who oppose the Bush crime family.

The Bushs get away with their sixty year crime wave because the American media present a constant white wash of the most criminal
cult in the history of the world.

THIS plastic excuse for a human being, along with five people on the Supreme Court, placed the current corrupt corporate clown.

While a Nazi family continues to plot the destruction of its own country. Jobs sold off, treasury bilked, and no end ot war.

The Bushs are happy as clams they have a complete dictatorship of the United States of America and the dumbest clot in the history of the world, managed to pull it off by simply being as corrupt as he can be, proving the Bushites are above the law, and beneath contempt.

We are not shocked or awed, but surely disgusted, dismayed and wondering if the American people will ever stand for their country and DEMAND the arrest and impeachment of this cancer on the presidency.

Clearly from the lame response of the paid off pimps of propaganda, we cannot expect any help from our news agencies, who read a daily pablum of pap that sounds as if it were written by Karl Rove. The finger is always pointed elsewhere than the source of the crime in the the mirror.
American law is a farce as long as criminals are running the country.