Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thyssen Treason - The Yellow Brick Road to Power

While we watch Karlheinz Schreiber discuss various bribes offered by Thyssen Industries of Germany to Canadian officials in Canada (via GCI a lobbying firm), it is noteworthy more for what the CBC and mainstream media are NOT mentioning. The fact that the history of Thyssen is directly linked to the current President of the United States of America and the funding of Nazi Germany.

i.e. From the Third World Traveller:

After the seizures in late 1942 of five U.S. enterprises he managed on behalf of Nazi industrialist Fritz Thyssen, Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. Bush, failed to divest himself of more than a dozen enemy national relationships that continued until as late as 1951, newly-discovered U.S. government documents reveal.
Furthermore, the records show that Bush and his colleagues routinely attempted to conceal their activities from government investigators.

Bush's partners in the secret web of Thyssen-controlled ventures included former New York Governor W. Averell Harriman and his younger brother, E. Roland Harriman. Their quarter-century of Nazi financial transactions, from 1924-1951, were conducted by the New York private banking firm, Brown Brothers Harriman.
The White House did not return phone calls seeking comment.

After the war, a total of 18 additional Brown Brothers Harriman and UBC-related client assets were seized under The Trading with the Enemy Act, including several that showed the continuation of a relationship with the Thyssen family after the initial 1942 seizures.
The records also show that Bush and the Harrimans conducted business after the war with related concerns doing business in or moving assets into Switzerland, Panama, Argentina and Brazil - all critical outposts for the flight of Nazi capital after Germany's surrender in 1945. Fritz Thyssen died in Argentina in 1951.

and from: Japan Indymedia...

Timeline of Treason: The Bush Family Connections To The Nazis
12 Aug 2003
Date Edited
12 Aug 2003 11:07:50 PM

The Bush family has willingly and knowingly associated themselves with Nazis for over 80 years spanning three generations of Bushes. Prescott Bush was Hitler’s banker in America and was referred to by the New York Tribune as Hitler’s angel.


While in Canada we have a former Prime Minister who took (takes?) cash payments in hotel rooms for services apparently unrendered...
and has a Swiss bank account that our illustrious RCMP could not seem to investigate. Oh, and the current Prime Minister Harper, he considers Mulroney his mentor, while our Defense Minister, was groomed at Thyssen Industries...for what?


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