Thursday, November 29, 2007

Following the Money to Mulroney


The following two examples show how money went from both Airbus Industrie and Thyssen Industries into a coded account called "FRANKFURT". Bank documents show that in 1993 the BRITAN account received $500,000 Canadian from the FRANKFURT account.There were four different cash withdrawls out of the BRITAN account in 1993 and 1994 totaling $300,000. In his interview with CBC, Karlheinz Schreiber confirmed what the bank records and daytimers suggest: That the cash that he gave to Mulroney came out of this account.

Example 1 : Thyssen Industries (interesting the same firm involved in funding Adolf Hitler with the Bush family)
October 4, 1988: I.A.L. writes invoice to Thyssen Industries to request the transfer of $2 million Canadian

October 25, 1988: Thyssen Industries deposits $2 million into I.A.L. account #235.972.029See document

October 28, 1988: I.A.L. in Vaduz, Liechtenstein transfers $2 million Canadian to its parent company in Liechtenstein, Kensington, Anstalt.See document

October 28, 1988: I.A.L's parent company Kensington Anstalt is debited a total of $1.5 million dollars.See document

October 27, 1988: Kensington transfers $1 million to Karlheinz Schreiber's Zurich account 18679 IAL. Transfer officially arrives November 1, 1988.

As a point of interest did you know that Peter MacKay, Defense Minister, worked for Thyssen in Germany for a period of time?

Schreiber says Elmer MacKay urged him to mend fences with Mulroney

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 11:10 PM ET
CBC News

Karlheinz Schreiber says former Conservative cabinet minister Elmer MacKay (father of the current Defense Minister, Peter MacKay) urged him to write a letter to Brian Mulroney to patch up their relationship so he could raise his extradition case with the prime minister, CBC News has learned....

Schreiber said he sent the letter because MacKay suggested Mulroney might raise the issue of Schreiber's pending extradition with Harper.
But Harper has said Mulroney never raised the issue of Schreiber's extradition with him at that meeting.
When approached at his Lorne, N.S., home, MacKay would not comment to CBC News about the e-mail.

November 1, 1988: Schreiber's 18679.1 Canadian dollars account receives $1 million.See document

November 2, 1988 , 1988: FRANKFURT rubrik receives $500,000 Canadian from 18679.1See document

July 26, 1993: FRANKFURT rubrik account transfers $500,000 Canadian to BRITAN account.

July 26, 1993: BRITAN rubrik receives $500,000 in Canadian funds.See document

July 27, 1993: First cash withdrawal out of BRITAN account of $100,000.
November 11, 1993: Second cash withdrawal out of BRITAN account of $100,00.


October 5, 1988: Banque Francaise (Airbus bank in Paris) deposits $5 million U.S. into International Aircraft Leasing Account 235.972.037 See document

October 5, 1988: I.A.L. tranfers $4.5 million U.S. to parent company Kensington Anstalt,
account number 235.971.021 See document

October 5, 1988: Kensington writes cheque for $4.5 million U.S. to be deposited into Swiss Bank Corporation in Zurich(Schweizerscher Bankverein)See document

October 6, 1988: Karlheinz Schreibers' Zurich account 18679.4 USD 'IAL' receives $4.5 million (minus $5.06) See document

October 20, 1988: Schreiber's 18679.4 sees transfer to unnamed places of $550,000 USD See document


July 26, 1993: $500,000 is withdrawn from FRANKFURT account the day the BRITAN account receives $500,000. See document

Extensive video, photographs and documentation may be found at:

Hopefully Schreiber will blow the cover of EVERY crook in government regardless of party and we will be left with the people who will help lead our country out of this guagmire of
increasingly totalitarian corporate toadies stealing our government. We should not merge church, state OR business. When they merge the result is as evil as the CEO's behind the money changers of this international money laundry. Let us (the people) hear everything
Mr. Schreiber has to say, he is elderly,he doesn't have long left on the planet and it would
behoove us to listen, he has little to lose and we have much to learn.

Finally how can Canada deport a Canadian? Schreiber is a naturalized Canadian and yet we are treating him as a German being returned to his country of origin? Are we becoming the USA, where war criminals are given better treatment than those representing truth or justice?

So Mr. Schreiber...we are ALL ears. Hopefully this group will treat you with decorum because you do appear to warm up and start talking if the person speaking to you is pleasant and conversational.


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