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Mulroney, MacKay - Dirty Dancing

The Mulroney / Karlheinz Schreiber story is rife with the name MacKay. (Elmer Mackay father, of the current Minister of Defense, Peter MacKay, (Elmer - pictured right in the Mulroney years)


MacKay stuck in the middle

Former MP has had a long association with Karlheinz Schreiber
Ottawa Bureau
Fri. Nov 30 - 7:45 AM

From his time as a Brian Mulroney cabinet minister, Elmer MacKay has had a long association with Karlheinz Schreiber. ( File)
Former MP and Solicitor General Elmer MacKay (in photo, listens to lawyers Robert Robert Ladun (centre) and Eddie Greenspan in Toronto in this 1999 photo (below). Ladun was helping Karleheinz Schreiber on a civil suit while Greenspan was battling Schreiber's extradition to Germany. MacKay posted $100,000 as a contribution to Schreiber's bail. (CP)

OTTAWABrian Mulroney, Karlheinz Schreiber and Elmer MacKay were once close friends, men at the pinnacle of power, bound together by their pursuit of a common project: an armoured-car factory they wanted to build in Bear Head, Cape Breton.
That failed project was never anything more than a sign by the side of the road outside Port Hawkesbury, but it is the thread that runs through a two-decade saga of backroom dealings and broken trust, a story that ends with men tearing each other’s reputations apart in public.
On Thursday, Mr. Schreiber had his first day of testimony in front of a Commons committee.

Mr. Schreiber, who is doing everything possible to avoid extradition to Germany, told MPs that he gave Brian Mulroney $300,000 in cash in the early 1990s because the former prime minister had promised to help with the Bear Head project. Mr. Mulroney has only said that it was to help with Mr. Schreiber’s pasta-manufacturing business.
But Mr. Schreiber said Thursday that is "nonsense," something dreamed up five years later, presumably to explain the cash payment that Mr. Mulroney was eventually forced to acknowledge.
He said he gave Mr. Mulroney the money for several reasons, including help with the Bear Head project.

Mr. Schreiber, a former arms dealer wanted in Germany in connection with a bribery scandal, testified that he met with Mr. Mulroney a few days before he stepped down as prime minister, in his official residence at Harrington Lake, and agreed to give him $500,000 for his help with the project. Because he didn’t do the work as agreed, he said he only gave him $300,000.
The two men were friends then, but no longer.


So why would Schreiber have an incentive to invent a project?" he said. "Because if he gave money to Mulroney while Mulroney (was) still a member of Parliament, is there not a potential for a bribe? That’s the third possibility."
Indeed, Mr. Schreiber left open the possibility Thursday that he was motivated by friendship.
A former staffer of Mr. Mulroney, an old friend from St. Francis Xavier University, told Mr. Schreiber that Mr. Mulroney needed money.
"Fred Doucet told me that he is in desperate shape and needed money so badly that I should help him," Mr. Schreiber said.
That friendship ended, Mr. Schreiber testified Thursday, when he read an affidavit from Mr. Spector, in which Mr. Spector said that Mr. Mulroney killed the Bear Head project in 1990 or 1991.
When Mr. Schreiber learned that, he felt betrayed because, if Mr. Schreiber is to be believed, Mr. Mulroney had taken his money to work on a project that was already dead.
"I looked at the timetable when that happened; I got so mad I cannot even tell you how much I became, because each and everybody from us felt like crooks," Mr. Schreiber said.
The collapse of that friendship has had grim consequences for Mr. Mulroney because Mr. Schreiber, under threat of spending the rest of his life in a German prison, has been speaking to the media, painting a picture that appears calculated to destroy the former prime minister’s reputation.
One person who has tried to mend the Mulroney-Schreiber friendship over the years is Elmer MacKay, the father of Defence Minister Peter MacKay. He was ACOA minister and solicitor general in Mr. Mulroney’s government.
Mr. MacKay, an avid proponent of the Bear Head project, has stayed close with both men, even as they became bitter enemies. In 1999, when German authorities were closing in on Mr. Schreiber in Switzerland, Mr. MacKay flew there and brought Mr. Schreiber to his home in Pictou County.
On Thursday, the Globe and Mail and CBC released an e-mail that seems to show Mr. MacKay helped draft a letter of apology from Mr. Schreiber to Mr. Mulroney — an unsuccessful attempt to mend the relationship between the two.
Mr. MacKay has declined to comment on this matter. Mr. Spector said it seems Mr. Mulroney asked him to get the letter from Mr. Schreiber.
"The fact that MacKay was involved in drafting the letter to Mulroney, which Mulroney and Lavoie have been citing as denying everything Schreiber had said before, is very damaging — damaging of Mulroney, not to Elmer," he said. "There’s no crime in helping out Mulroney."
Another former Tory ACOA minister, Senator Lowell Murray, said Thursday he is certain the senior Mr. MacKay was not seeking to profit personally from the Bear Head project.
"Elmer is personally incorruptible," Mr. Murray said. "Have no doubt about that. He’s drawn like a moth to a flame to a lot of things, things he was promoting. Elmer was never in it for what he could get out of it. He was doing it because he thought it would be a good thing to do for Cape Breton."

Under the conservative government of Canada war profiteering has increased ten fold. Canada is now on the top list of military industrial contractors. Our current defense Minister Mr. MacKay had a campaign debt of 500k, (by his own admission at the end of 2004 which precluded him from running for the leadership). He did however run for office and his debt disappeared. He has yet to reveal to the public where the money came from to dispose of that debt.

BTW if you plan on dating Peter MacKay,look how he treated his last "love:"

'Schoolyard bully' quip sparks furor in House
From Friday's Globe and Mail
October 20, 2006 at 8:01 AM EST
OTTAWA — Opposition Liberals have demanded an apology from Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay for apparently referring to his former romantic partner, Liberal MP Belinda Stronach, as a dog during a nasty Question Period in the House of Commons yesterday.

Who paid Peter 500K? We only wanta know who paid the Defense Minister of Canada's
campaign debt(s)?


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