Monday, December 03, 2007

Danny Dishes "Steve" - the fascist split in the Conservatives

Danny Williams the Premier of Newfoundland, cannot get "Steve" to offer equity in oil to NFLD.
Seemingly Harper's oil bosses are encouraging him to stiff NFLD in their interest. As usual Stever is only too willing to do the Strauss waltz.

Harper’s ads seem desperate

The Prince Albert Daily Herald

If there was ever a sign Prime Minister Stephen Harper does not get why provinces like Newfoundland and Saskatchewan are ticked over the way equalization is working out, it came in the form of ads that ran on Thursday.The Canadian Press reports ads are running in the St. John’s Telegram, a sister paper to the Prince Albert Daily Herald, featuring a picture of Danny Williams accompanied by a headline in bold, reading: “Premier, the facts do matter.” It quotes a Globe and Mail editorial saying Newfoundland was “blessed” in the federal budget and that $1.5 billion will go to that province.Last week, Williams took out advertisements across Canada, accusing Harper of breaking a campaign promise.

(Hey Harper is too busy trying to rough up a material witness in the Mulroney scandal to be mired in this stuff isn't he?
I'd just like to know how Harper can deport a CANADIAN Citizen to Germany, constantly referring to Mr. Schreiber as if his naturalization as a Canadian did not take place. Does Harper now have sweeping control over our citzenship process. Our agreement with Germany states that nationals cannot be what gives and why isn't CBC covering it?)

What Danny Williams is pointing out to Canada is the fascist split in the Conservative party.
Stephen Harpers home boys are from the Leo Strauss, Tom Flannagan school of fascism in Calgary, where they plot daily on how to destroy the social services of Canada and our structure as a nation.

Mr. Schreiber has accused former Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney of taking funds from him and not performing. We have a bank record of 300K going to Mulroney. Mulroney received 2.1 million from the Canadian taxpayer saying he did not even know Mr. Schreiber. He won a court case by apparently lying outright.
There is a mountain of data indicating that Mr. Mulroney had a long and seemingly very profitable relationship with Mr. Schreiber who seemed willing to pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars for nothing...for years. How is Mulroney still impacting our government? Lets hear everything this man has to say and get the Harper thugs off his back.

back to the Prince Albert Daily paper..

Those ads from Williams could also have come out of this province. Our premier — and many, many regular citizens — are also of the mind that the Conservatives promised to take natural resources out of the equalization formula. Harper will not admit that he is not doing what he promised to do. Political pressures have forced him to come up with a compromise: new equalization formula that includes a fiscal cap and 50 per cent of non-renewable resource revenues.Instead of spending cash on attack ads, Harper would get further with the people of provinces like Newfoundland and Saskatchewan by simply admitting he changed his mind and coolly sticking to his guns.Harper’s fight is not with Williams or Premier Lorne Calvert. It’s with the voters who were given a commitment and now are not seeing it met. Our prime minister needs to remember this.

I would not hold my breath waiting for Harper to change his mind, be direct or do the right thing. This MINORITY government has made Canada a laughing stock in environmental issues worldwide, disgraced the work of Canada in AIDS by not even showing up for an INTL meeting we were hosting (especially galling given the US origin of AIDS through vaccinations planted in Africa), cancelled trust funds after saying they would not and now attack our natural resources.

It is pretty clear whose side they are on and it is not on the side of Canada.

Let's retire these corporate goons to the corporate sector from whence they came, they are not Danny Williams conservatives - they are fascists.