Friday, November 30, 2007

Justice Obstructed

CBC just announced that the court has agreed to stay the deportation of Karlheinz Schreiber until it can be heard by the Supreme Court of Canada. Can anyone explain why we are deporting a Canadian to Germany and our Prime Minister is making comments ala Bush, to the effect that we are returning him to his home country?

Isn't the interference of Harper's justice department to attempt to deport Schreiber PRIOR to an inquiry an obstruction of justice?

From the Toronto Star
Saturday, November 17, 2007

Harper Wants Schreiber Out Of Canada..I Wonder Why?


We've already spent millions keeping this guy here so what is the big rush?
Stephen Harpers' CONservative government hinted Friday that it wants to send Karlheinz Schreiber back to Germany and have officials from a public inquiry interview him there – even though Mr. Schreiber says he won't talk if that happens.
They say they want him out of the coutry as they have spent too much on him already.
So what will it cost to fly the inquiry over to Schreiber in Germany?
And are they just wanting him gone to mimize the impact on their polling numbers?
Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, now acting as the government's chief spokesman on the issue in the Commons, refused to say what the government will do, but added that the inquiry will be able to question witnesses “wherever they might be.”

back to Stealth:

Mr. Schreiber has been out on bail for EIGHT years. Two weeks ago Harper's thugs picked him up, forced him to wear an orange jumpsuit, cuffed him, put him in leg irons and dragged him off to jail. When he arrived at the ethics committee yesterday he looked like any of us over sixty would who had been dragged from their homes. If Mr. Schreiber is Canadian and Harper is treating him this way - he will do the same to you or me. How are they treating him in jail? Isn't this harrassment of a critical witness against the government. Good grief...obstuction of justice could not get much more blatent.

Stephen Harper stood in parliament and pilloried his like counterpart, Paul Martin for months.
Now we see the cesspool of lies, bribes and sleaze that really is the Harper legacy.
This man would not know character if his life depended on it. His "shining light" is the right wing religious right of the USA, while is mentor is Brian Mulroney, the guy who stole the furniture from Sussex Such talent for choosing integrity and character. I think if Stephen Harper chooses anyone for any position we need to look that person over very well.
Peter MacKay for example had a 500K campaign debt (that he refers to as a "personal debt") that suddenly disappeared and Mr. MacKay is not willing to let us know where the money came from....nor is Mr. Harper.

And as for your francophone smears against Mr. Dion, Harper,
...Dion looks an awful lot like in Roberto Remigio Benigni in Life is Beautiful. While the Canadian Neo Cons goose step around him slamming his English, he is quietly, exposing them for the world to see. Unfortunately he has some in his own party who have been at the corporate trough for too long, but do not under estimate Dion, once he fends off the North American Union corporatists from within, he will be just fine. He has something we have not seen in decades - integrity.

Who paid Peter MacKay 500K.....hhhmmm?

Mr. Cavalier, groomed by Thyssen Industries in Germany (who along with the Bush family funded Hitler), he now is Defense Minister of Canada. He told the CBC in 2004 that he could not run for the leadership because he still owed 500K from his last leadership campaign and could not afford to run.
His debt disappeared and he now refers to his former campaign debt as a "personal debt."

Mr. Harper has assured us that he has reviewed the details of that transaction and there is no conflict of interest. Great - then there should be no problem showing the public - it would be the right thing to do.


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