Tuesday, November 06, 2007

WHEN is It Treason?

Ok, I am hopping mad this AM, the kind of mad that comes from being able to see what these monsters are all about for YEARS, while seemingly intelligent people are just catching up.

Can someone tell me - WHEN it is treason in the USA?

The Real Republican Party - Executive Summary

The Republican Party, and its leader, George W. Bush, are nothing more than a well dressed, well educated, well trained, and well paid political puppets for a few families that are worth hundreds of billions of dollars, maybe even trillions. These few mega wealthy families have engineered a vast right-wing conspiracy who's goal is to bankrupt the U.S. government so that they can buy its $100+ trillion dollars in assets for pennies on the dollar, and the GOP is helping them.
After these families, and their corrupt money whores in the GOP, finish bankrupting the federal government they will have complete control over the economy, our government, and the people.

This new plutocracy government will protect and serve the interest of these few families and no one else. These family's focus will then turn to other parts of the world that they can rob and exploit for even more wealth and control. They want to dominate the world, but the American people, our Constitution, and the Democrats in the U.S. government are standing in their way.
These few people hunger for this power and control so that they will never be held accountable for their criminal actions, both past and future. They hunger for this wealth because money is power and they are sick with greed and fear. They also want to make sure that their enormous wealth will never be taxed, and can be passed on from generation to generation tax-free just like a monarchy.
That is why Bush's main focus, since he was appointed in 2000, has been to repeal the estate tax, and making that tax cut permanent. His other focus has been on running up huge amounts of new debt by cutting taxes and increasing spending.

Bush, his Republican pals in Congress, and these few families are treasonous thieves. They are robbing our government and undermining our democracy so that they can have more wealthy, power, and control, and that is treason.
These liars and thieves are so serious and determined that they are willing to stop anyone who poses a challenge, or threat, to their sinister wealth-based treasonous criminal plot. For example, President Kennedy was not assassinated by Oswald, and Senator Wellstone's plane did not accidentally nose dive into the ground. How many other plane crashes, heart attacks, cancers, car accidents, and sudden deaths are the work of these evil people?
What do you think a group of liars and thieves would be willing to do for a multi-trillion dollar prize, and enough economic and military power to control the world?
The $500 billion dollar Saving & Loan rip-off during the Reagan administration was just the tip of the right-wing's treasonous iceberg of thieving corruption. These people will leave the American people with nothing; no Social Security, no Medicare, no government assets, no opportunities, no government representation, no system of justice, no jobs, no rights, no freedoms, nothing.
The U.S. government is over $7.8 trillion dollars in debt, thanks largely to Reagan ($2 trillion), Bush Sr. ($2 trillion), and now Bush Jr.,($2 trillion and growing), but it still owns roughly 30% of all the real estate in America. I believe that this real estate, that belongs to the American people, is a major target of this criminal conspiracy. Our government also owns several trillion dollars in other tangible assets, like gold reserves, buildings, right-of-ways, national treasures, etc.

Stealing elections, killing off opponents, and lying to the American people are just means to an end. These people want to steal trillions of dollars in wealth from us, and all our political power. They think we are naive, we live in fear, we are economically placated, we are powerless, and we are keep ignorant by a media system that they control; and for about half the population their right.
The American people need to wake up before they lose their democratic form of government. According to some experts we have already lost it, but I don't see it that way; not yet.
Other current targets of this greedy, paranoid right-wing criminal conspiracy appear to include progressive income taxes, the estate tax, property taxes, corporate taxes, corporate regulations, tort laws, jury rights, Social Security and Medicare trust funds, government pension funds, civil liberties, welfare, the minimum wage, the 40 hour work week, public parks, land royalties, and other government owned assets.
These ruthless criminal, and their targets, give a whole new meaning to the terms "Homeland Security", "con-artist", and "ignorant punk ass bitches".

the complete text with graphs is available at: http://fixco1.com/docs/execsum.html

Everyday we face jaw dropping deceit as we have known for over ten years that the military can control weather, thus they can also stop hurricanes. So why have they allowed countless hurricanes to ravage America clearing people out of their homes...while Blackwater and
Halliburton come behind on directed contracts hiring illegal immigrants to do the clean up?
Why when Blackwater wanted to build a compound near San Diego and the residents rose up to protest was Southern California ablaze in fires which were immediately identified as ARSON by "someone who knew what he was doing."
It looks to the world like LAND REFORMATION in Africa, Mugabe Bush style - and it is.


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