Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pakistan Rule Trial Balloon for Bush Barbarians?

You could be talking about Bush...

The emergency comes shortly before a series of petitions were to be heard by the Pakistani supreme court. These petitions would have questioned: Musharraf's standing to run for president in the forthcoming elections while staying in uniform; the waiving of the corruption charges against former prime minister Benazir Bhutto; and the legality of Musharraf's re-exiling of former conservative prime minister Nawaz Sharif. The date for argument was set for Friday, November 3, but was recently moved to the November 5 and 6. Obviously, in this Machiavellian stroke, Musharraf has pre-empted the hearing.
The last act of the sitting supreme court - which was hardly a non-political actor itself - was to issue a ruling stating that Musharraf's actions were illegal. It urged all superior judges to resist taking an oath under Musharraf's PCO. However, as it stands, four supreme court justices have taken an oath to uphold Musharraf's PCO.
(so like the US Supreme Court Pakistan has its party plants...likely sworn to oath as well)
Privatization is the game, world democracy is the "name of the game"

Sounds like Bush,

Musharraf replaced the chief justice of the Supreme Court - who had emerged as the main check on his power - before a crucial Supreme Court ruling on his future as president. His emergency order accused some judges of "working at cross purposes with the executive" and "weakening the government's resolve" to fight terrorism.He criticized the Supreme Court for failing to make a ruling yet on whether to validate his contentious victory in a presidential election, and for punishing government officers, including police. He said this had left the government system "semi-paralyzed."Seven of the 17 Supreme Court judges immediately rejected the emergency, which suspended the current constitution. Paramilitary troops blocked entry to the Supreme Court building and erected road blocks and barred access to the official residences of lawmakers and judges. They later took the deposed chief justice and other judges away in a convoy, witnesses said.Musharraf said he hoped democracy would be restored following parliamentary elections."But, in my eyes, I say with sorrow that some elements are creating hurdles in the way of democracy," said Musharraf, who was wearing civilian clothes and spoke firmly and calmly. "I think this chaos is being created for personal interests and to harm Pakistan."

While in America, it’s now common practice for the Big Three networks to put former military officials, politicians and government bureaucrats on the payroll. "The media has simply become a branch of the war effort," the Palestinian author Edward Said wrote recently. "What has entirely disappeared from television is anything remotely resembling a consistently dissenting voice." As if to underline the point, in February, the cable news network MSNBC canceled Phil Donahue’s show--and announced that it was hiring Republican hack Dick Armey as a commentator.
Current and former government voices dominate the "debate" in the media about war and other questions of foreign policy. "Unnamed government sources," press spokespeople, Pentagon officers, White House officials, and ideologues close to the administration make up most of the "experts" and "reliable sources" that we hear from. in America, ...

AND, Pakistan is exactly where the USA is:

Supporters of freedom and democracy in Pakistan are in a difficult position because they are having to rely on the promises of an autocrat. Whether Pakistanis decide to wait it out for a few more months or stand up against Musharraf now, remains to be seen.

... What remains to be seen is if the entire sordid past of Pakistan, and Burma goes public. Scratch more than the surface in any of these countries and you will find US company-sponsored mercenaries. In Burma UNOCAL (now Chevron) was behind
the militia as they drove people off their land so Unocal could build a pipeline. Did they reimburse people, relocate people ....not a chance. Unocal is also building a pipeline across Afghanistan ...whre bombing civilians and clearing large tracts of land is part of every military operation.
Presenting the Dalai Lama with a medal was the most
hypocritical bunch of bull in "media as distraction" in some time. While Burmese mercenaries slaughtered over a 1000 monks and ditched their bodies in a field. AMERICAN, CANADIAN and BRITISH media discussed only the Chinese connection to the militia," tching" on camera, scapegoating and pointing the finger elsewhere in the ongoing mode of operation for this devoid of conscience Bush regime and their criminally complicit congress and media.

When we can see our OWN darkness, our own evil and our ability to be psychopaths, war - will end. Until then we are unconscious, paranoid, psychopathic entities inflicting a narrow, evil view on humanity, devoid of responsiblity, accountablity or nobility.

Bush is Mugabe, Musharoff,...and every thug dictator in the world. There is no habeas corpus in America. Millions were displaced and driven from their land during Katrina, with Bush sending a private army, Blackwater, to prevent "looting". The "disaster clean up" has been contracted to Kellog Brown & Root (a subsidiary of Halliburton) who have hired illegal aliens rather than local residents to clean up New Orleans.

Blackwater wants to build a large base near San Diego, the residents have protested against the base and suddenly fires spring up across Southern California, displacing millions and preventing the vote due on November 6th ...because everyone is too busy chasing their insurance company to see if they have funds to rebuild.

Like Pakistan, Bush has no plans of vacating the presidency, watch for a replica of
Pakistan in America. It has taken him six years to terrorize America into giving him absolute he plans to use it - and think about it ...has anything he's done to date helped America?


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