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Pre-emptive Policy - September 11th.

The BBC Newsman asked a man dressed in a suit and tie, a man who looked and sounded as if he had an education, if he thought the events at the WTC could be the result of US Foreign Policy in the Middle East. I'll never forget what this man on the streets of New York said.
"What does flying airplanes into buildings have to do with politics?"
This sense of Papal infallibility in one's government is precisely why 9/11 happened. The public is not used to questioning how a continuous stream of oil is provided at 30 bucks a barrel. They never question the means through which their lifestyle is provided.
Most just don't want to know the truth.
The truth is, war is always a last resort. It's the reaction of people backed into a corner, which is precisely where Western Society is today. We face the immediate and perpetual decline in our standard of living if we don 't steal every oil, gas, and uranium deposit on earth before 2012.

This is a simple mathematical fact. Population growth and industrial demand are outpacing energy production growth, and have been since 1979. World Oil production peaks in 2012, and after that, it's a rapid slide all the way down the bell curve. Short of a major breakthrough in fusion, electromagnetic overunity devices, solar panel efficiency, or hydrolysis efficiency to power fuel cells on water, we face a never before seen energy crisis by the end of this decade, made worse by the exponential rise in Chinese, Caspian, and Indian energy demands between now and 2012. The government knows this. So do the energy companies. But they're not interested in finding an alternate energy source, because to do so would mean the government and its corporate sponsors in the Petroleum and Defense industries will no longer be on the top of the heap.

And they really, really like being in charge.

So rather than spend on scientific research into fusion or free energy, we spend nearly a trillion a year making things to kill lots and lots of colored people, steal their land, and steal their mineral rights. In doing so, we extend the life of the Empire by baby steps, at the cost of millions of lives and trillions of dollars of the taxpayer's money.

But rather than play follow the leader, let's play follow the flow of history, and then a game of follow the money. First, a timeline to show why the world is mad at the USA. Then a timeline to let the reader decide what the war on terror is about. using genocide to keep the top dogs on top, or fighting terrorists.

September 11, 1609 Henry Hudson "discovers" (i.e. STEALS) Manhattan Island. Blankets infected with bubonic plague and smallpox are given to the natives so the colonial armies can save bullets. In the NY area alone, more than 150,000 First Nations people are killed or left homeless in the ensuing years.
September 11, 1839 President Martin van Buren, through the US State Department, tried to have the executive branch interfere with the judiciary, in order to have a group of Africans, free men by American law at the time, returned to their 'rightful owners', the Spanish Crown, and sent to Cuba for detention followed by trial and execution, even though US law at the time stated clearly that only slaves born into slavery were legally slaves in the United States.

September 11, 1917 Ferdinand Marcos Philippines Pres (1965-86) is born. His US sponsored military dictatorship and death squads trained at Fort Benning Georgia were responsible for the death of tens of thousands of Philippinos. Hundreds of thousands more were tortured, mutilated, and had their homes burnt to the ground with US State Department approval.

September 11, 1919 The US once again invades Honduras on behalf of the United Fruit Company to put down a popular revolt against a US puppet dictatorship that had been murdering, starving and torturing the populace at the behest of United Fruit for decades.
September 11, 1922 The British Mandate of Palestine Begins. British guns murdered tens of thousands of Palestinian Arabs, displacing them from their homes and settlements that were then given to Jewish settlers. More than 1200 villages were totally destroyed by the British in collaboration with Jewish militants. Since that time, more than three million Palestinians have been made homeless, and more than 100,000 have been killed by British, American, and Israeli soldiers, to make room for Jewish settlers in contravention of international law, and in violation of no less than 30 directives of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

September 11, 1941 Ground first broken for construction of the Pentagon, with financial subsidy coming from many US corporations who were actively trading with the Nazis, some of them until 1945.
Among those trading with the enemy was Prescott Bush, grandfather of G W Bush, who used Auschwitz slave labor at his Nazi steel manufacturing plant Consolidated Silesian Steel, of which he was managing director. Roosevelt had to trick Americans into going to war by allowing Pearl Harbor to happen after backing Japan into a corner with a trade embargo. Since that time, the Pentagon has made the USA the only nation in history to use atomic bombs against civilians, not once, but twice. They've murdered 3 million in Korea, 3 million in Vietnam, 3 million in Cambodia, 1 million in Laos, more than a million in Latin America, 2 million in Iraq (so far), and armed dictators in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa who have murdered millions more.

September 11, 1946 US Troops land in Korea to begin the slaughter of Korean civilians at Nogun-Ri and hundreds of other sites. In all, more than three million Korean lose their lives, out of a combined North and South Korean population of thirty million.
September 11, 1973 Chile's
elected President Salvador Allende is deposed in a CIA backed military coup, resulting in 3175 deaths on the first day of Augusto Pinochet's reign. During Pinochet's US Backed tenure, more than 100,000 people disappeared, and hundreds of thousands were tortured using tactics taught at Fort Benning Georgia's School of Americas using the now declassified CIA Kubark Manual.
Thanks to declassified documents accessed under the Freedom Of Information Act, we now know that Henry Kissinger in fact gave the implicit green light for many of these atrocities.

September 11, 1990 George H W Bush makes his "Toward a New World Order" speech, announcing the sanctions regime, which by 1998 had killed more than 1.5 million people.

"They've already intercepted more than 700 ships to enforce the sanctions. Three regional leaders I spoke with just yesterday told me that these sanctions are working. Iraq is feeling the heat. We continue to hope that Iraq's leaders will recalculate just what their aggression has cost them. They are cut off from world trade, unable to sell their oil. And only a tiny fraction of goods gets through. "


So while Americans will never forget the events of 9/11, the same can be said for many others, over many generations, who have experienced colonial expansion American style.
The number of dead in Iraq since 9/11 is the equivalent of the events of September 11 happening to the people of Iraq once a week, every week, for the last 12 years, since George H W Bush made his New World Order speech announcing the sanctions regime against Baghdad on September 11, 1990.
Half of the nearly two million Iraqi casualties are children under the age of five. That's more than 330 WTC's full of little kids. By comparison, only six children under the age of five died on September 11, 2001.

Now for a 'follow the money' timeline.

1970's - The Bush family begins a long term business relationship with the Bin Ladin family and the Mahfouz family, which continues to this day. The Bin Ladins and Mahfouz invest in G W Bush's Harken Energy and Caterair, and later the Bin Ladins invest in the Carlyle Group.

1979 - Osama Bin Laden goes to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets, with support from Pakistan's ISI, with the ISI's operation being funded by the CIA.

1980's - Bin Laden forms Makhtab Al Khidimat, precursor to Al-Qaeda.

1986-1988 - Numerous think tank reports are published calling for a larger US presence in the Persian Gulf, in order to protect American oil and gas interests in the Middle East, in particular the need to increase the US presence in Saudi Arabia.

1988 - The Soviets pull out of Afghanistan, defeated by the Mujeheddin and Bin Laden's MAK, after more than six billion dollars is spent by the CIA.

1989 - Bin Laden returns to Saudi Arabia, where the US is looking to expand its military presence, and begins stirring up political dissent.

1989 - The Sudanese government begins dealing with Canadian, Russian and Chinese oil and gas interests, refusing to deal with US interests. ...
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The only thing that this generation of Bushs has managed to do for the American people is expose the "vast right wing conspiracy" that stretches from the military to the Bush family, to the American companies consistently involved in starting wars, promoting civil wars and training death squads.

Ya know when I was growing up I always had an ominous sense of dread that those Batman cartoons that showed some wicked, psychopathic corporate bastard off in a cave pulling machavellian switches ...was true. Little did I know just how true it is.


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