Saturday, November 03, 2007

U. S. Fanatics Foxtrot to Fascism


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What the World is Saying . . .

Uncle Sam used to be everyone's favourite uncle. But not anymore. In recent times he has shown his true colours as a vicious and ruthless killer of men, women, and children and arch-proponent of unconstrained imperialism. Under smirking commander-in-chief George W. Bush, America has lost its way and gone Nazi. And become a serious threat to its own people and to our entire planet. But how could all this have happened in the 'Land of the Free'? It has been the outcome of a conspiracy by a gang of extremists largely financed by the American Enterprise Institute and zealots like media billionaire Rupert Murdoch - an Australian who sold his soul to the U.S.A. Their scheme has been to infiltrate and hijack the Republican Party and to then use that party's resources in order to achieve their objective. And their end game is to seize power permanently, turning the U.S.A. into a fascist state forever.
Once they had achieved political office the regime proceeded to enact the Patriot Act and set up the Gestapo-like 'Department of Homeland Security'. It effectively became a crime to express criticism of the regime and the enabling of judges to openly issue 'torture warrants' is being seriously considered. Law enforcement agencies adopt an increasingly militaristic role, abandoning their role as protectors of the people and instead becoming vehicles for suppression and control of the people. Intimidation and torture are becoming orders of the day. And the U.S. Military - now in effect calling the shots - is hell-bent on military adventurism and it has embarked on a programme involving endless war and conflict, at home and abroad, against anyone and anything standing in the way of its ambitions. To this end the killing of children and innocent people, and, indeed, every vile atrocity perpetrated, is always being excused on the grounds that it was 'unfortunate' but 'justified'.

Negroponte is notorious throughout South America as "Dr. Death", the proponent of death squads (trained at the School of Americas at Fort Benning).

Negroponte has five children from his stint in the Honduras that he "adopted" from the poor starving people (driven off their land). Other children were sold off for adoption or shipped to pedophile rings throughout the world. George H. W. Bush while president PARDONED this monster.

The Constitution has virtually been torn up, the Geneva Conventions on human rights are being ignored, the United Nations is being bypassed. Covert agencies have sprung up everywhere and are expanding at an alarming pace. Never before have Americans known so little about what is really happening to their country. Few realise that the National Security Council, which advises the smirking president, is comprised largely of questionable people with big business interests and ulterior motives, many of whom are oil billionaires, many of whom have already been indicted for fraud.

If you are an American, you've been told all your life that you live in a free society. So by now you probably even believe it. But you are not free. You have now not been free for a long time. And you get to know even less about what is really going on in the world at large. Everywhere in the world - even in 'allied' countries - the common people are fearing and reviling loose-cannon America and Americans as never before. Has the U.S. itself turned out to be that much-spoken-of 'empire of evil', greatest proponent of 'weapons of mass destruction', largest 'rogue state' on earth?
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U.S. and British Newspapers shackle the Truth


Bring the troops home to arrest the President and the criminals in congress.


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