Friday, November 02, 2007

Seeing Through the Darkness

Here is the position of a Catholic web site claiming that the current leadership of the Vatican is not legitimate - or is - of the dark side. This website is dedicated to defending and spreading the Catholic Faith, as taught and defined by the authoritative teachings of the popes throughout history. It is also dedicated to exposing in great detail the post-Vatican II pseudo-“Church” and the New Mass which purport to be Catholic, but are not.

The Glossary of Terms and Principles [PDF]
(This glossary contains important definitions of key terms and principles about the Catholic Faith, about the post-Vatican II “Church,” about how the Catholic Church views non-Catholic religions, etc. which people should see.)

The Catholic Church is the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ upon St. Peter (Mt. 16:18-20;Jn. 21:15-17). This is proven by history, Scripture and tradition. But the post-Vatican II “Church” is actually a counterfeit “Catholic” sect with new teachings, new practices and a New Mass – which all contradict the Catholic Faith of all times and the teaching of the Catholic popes in history. Vatican II was a council which took place from 1962-1965; this council started a revolution against the Catholic Faith and gave birth to this new countefeit “Catholic” sect. This website proves in tremendous detail that this post-Vatican II sect is not Catholic, that its leaders are not Catholic, that its fruits and teachings are not Catholic and not holy, and that this counterfeit sect was predicted in Sacred Scripture and in Catholic prophecy to arise in the last days as part of the Devil’s final assault on mankind. The arrival of this post-Vatican II counterfeit “Catholic” sect in Rome in the last days actually proves, rather than disproves, the authenticity of the traditional Catholic Faith, as this website shows. Please consult the “Glossary of Terms and Principles” above for a more helpful introduction to the material on this website and for an explanation of the Catholic basis for the conclusions asserted here. It explains such terms as “Magisterium,” the Church’s indefectibility, “ecumenism,” “sedevacantism,” “Papacy,” “Papal Infallibility,” “heretic,” “antipope,” “Novus Ordo,” and others. It also explains important principles about what the Catholic Church teaches about other religions, that heretics cease to be members of the Church, the new teachings after Vatican II, etc.

(This site claims factual reference through scripture (which they wrote), and given they deleted all of Jesus's teachings around reincarnation around 523 AD...I tend to take the directive tone and assertions with a grain of salt.)

But, I believe as Jesus taught that love is the way, and peace is being the way and that I should love my enemies albeit one difficult task, it really is the only way to salvation for all species. If we watch the animal kingdom we will not find one animal as vicious, as psychopathic or as devoid of conscience as the human species appears to be. So our religions are not doing us much good - perhaps we should study the miracle of life around us and the inherent miracle of natural balance when nature is not manipulated by HAARP, or tons of depleted uranium from Iraq flooding the inosphere. Privatization is and has been the only God of this America, over people, over country and over God - the evil behind ever conflict in the world where people are being raped and driven from their land for corporate greed.

Heck the KKK hasn't even had to alter their outfit much to fit the various orders who report to the Pope. Look for the cross on their chests as it is on the group who ran the Nazi RAT LINES through the Vatican in WWII.

Yup while "the greatest generation" was fighting to save our lives, this scum was arming both sides....making sure the war happened in the first place and then making certain it continued.

GE owns NBC. They traded extensively with Nazi Germany and espouse a completely fascist agenda.

While young people who rushed to DEFEND America, are dragged through a cess pool of dissillusionment that will make PTSD seem like a cakewalk. Hey they allowed over 58,000 to be slaughtered in Viet Nam in another war for corporate America...they have a long way to go.

Oh yes and in Viet Nam, it is documented, that a General flew around in a helicopter behind battle areas and cut the ears off the Vietnamese as trophies. Over THREE MILLION Vietnamese were slaughtered in that HOLOCAUST...where such chemicals as AGENT ORANGE were used. Yet another WAR CRIME and US vets
fight to be treated for chemical poisoning.

If you cannot feel the utter tragedy in this photograph you are like them - you have no empathy, you are devoid of conscience and you are a pathological liar.

An unaccountable war criminal,

oh here is one now (below)... Henry Ford accepting his medal from Hitler, for providing such service to the NAZIS during WWII.


If you would like to review all the secret societies that feed into this Nazi American hydra here is a link:

A smattering:
Church of Jesu. ( aka Society of Jesus) Also headquarters of the Knights of Malta. Founded in 1534 by Ignatius Loyola to combat the reformation and propagate the faith. (Reformation being salvation thru grace instead of the Catholic Church.) The Jesuit General, and the other high Jesuit Generals, they are sorcerers. They are Luciferians, and they worship what they would call Lucifer. They do not believe in Satan. They believe in Lucifer. Their ultimate goal is the rule of the world, with the Pope of their making, from Solomon’s rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. That’s their ultimate goal. Anti Christ. The Black Pope

CIA He and Hoover are bosom, probably bed, partners. And so, Spellman (Carindal) is in a place to be in control of the CIA, the FBI, the Mafia, and through Freemasonry, the Dallas Police Department—like they control every major city’s P.D. And so he carries it out. And then he’s also in control of the press, in control of Time and Life, with Henry Luce, so the press never gets it. He’s in control of CBS, with a man named Frank Shakespeare, who was the head of CBS at the time. So you think Walter Cronkite is going to tell us the truth? No way. He’s in control of CBS, NBC, ABC. They have stocks in it, for heaven’s sake. So, there’s no way the story’s getting out. And he’s in control of the CIA to hit and kill anybody who wants to come out and tell the truth, which is why there’s over a hundred dead witnesses over the last 30 years. That’s why they took out Fensterwald, in 1992, outlined in the book by that CIA agent First Hand Knowledge, by Morrow. He was a CIA agent. He was in on the Kennedy assassination. He completely outlines it in his book, and he tells of that relationship of the CIA to killing Fensterwald. He dedicates his book to Fensterwald. The Black Pope The Depraved Spies and Moguls of the CIA's Operation

Cini Foundation
Club of Rome (Committee of 300 subversive body)

CNN ( Owned by Time Warner) Some see Orwell's 1984 in AOL-Time Warner merger
Coca-Cola (Illuminati Front Group) Coca Cola, C.I.A. and the Courts

...That should get you started my pretties, and do more searches by all means, I am constantly astounded at the international library of detail that exists to convict these thugs, while they remain, unaccountable. (Every time I hear the song "Unforgettable" I think of it rewritten to
"Unaccountable" and just substitute it within the lyrics wherever "unforgettable is."

Unaccountable, that's what you are
Unaccountable, in every way,

That's why darling it's incredible that someone so unaccountable
thinks that I am unaccountable too!


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