Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bats in Belfry on a Sunday Morning

I mean excuse me for pondering the plausible but why is the public not pummelling congress, and the AG to arrest both Bush and Cheney for obstruction of justice, directed contracts to firms involved in torture and the sex slave trade, treason (taking the nation to war illegally) and for lying about everything since they took office.
Are these thugs and dead enders going to escape like the last gang of Kissinger killers?

While Dick pretty much does as he wants, moving from one palatial estate to the next all built on taxpayer money.
Directed contracts to Halliburton, still on the payroll with Halliburton, meetings with oil companies to divide up the Middle East oil assets. No matter...the boys run free... Heck reincarnated Nazi prison camp guard Lynne Cheney, sat on the board of Lockheed when they received directed contracts from Reagan and why stop the gravy train now.

Yup...if you are RNC or GOP and your name is Bush, or law applies to you.

You can murder all around the world, take the country out of International Criminal Court and vilify the UN as a communist body trying to take control of the USA. When in fact the USA uses the UN to do its dirty work, having been one of the major players in the oil for food scam in Iraq, along with major US players.

Hey Lou Dobbs, I thought you might want to know that George W. Bush is "leading the fight to protect our borders."

It DOES explain a lot...(ya gotta admit that)

While the war in Iraq has killed over a MILLION Iraqi people and displaced over 2 million over the borders into Syria, and Iran the American news media remain true to form Bushites to the last gasp...over god, country and all form of free thought.

It would be revolutionary for American media to simply report the damn truth from Iraq for a change. For all intents and purposes the war in Iraq is coverage of the dark side of America....which would explain why they keep repeating the same history,..again and again and again.

Meanwhile we get a warped view of those Iranians arming and fighting our innocent troops, (who invaded Iraq illegally) ...come ON guys this war is illegal, immoral this whole gang should be in jail for LIFE. The bats in the belfry are of the genus bush - the crooks have control of the prison.


Blogger JACQ said...

Ever notice how all of Cheney's expressions look exactly the same? He looks like he could use some Metamucil.

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