Saturday, October 20, 2007

Knights of Malta - Treason Within

At least three Knights of Malta have headed up the CIA:
William “Wild Bill” Donovan, John McCone, and William Casey. Another Knight of Malta, James Jesus Angleton, for many years was the chief of the Counterintelligence Division at the CIA – as well as heading up both the Vatican and Israel “Desks” at the CIA – and, was the CIA liaison to the Warren (“Whitewash”) Commission.))

“Opus Dei” ((per The World Book Dictionary (1989)): “An international religious organization of Roman Catholic laymen and priests, founded in Spain.” ((Ed. Question: Might the primary objective of this organization, which includes in its membership a fair number of wealthy and powerful Roman Catholics, be to advance the New World Order agenda of the Papacy?))
P2 (or P-2) Masonry” (per John Daniel, author of the book The Grand Design Exposed): “There is a Masonic Propaganda group, number two…known as the ‘P-2 Club’, with its headquarters being in Rome. …The P-2 Club is a propaganda society of the world’s elite which includes high-ranking Roman Catholic prelates and, of course, Jesuits.”

Ed. Comment to the preceding ‘definition’: P2 Masonry had its fingerprints all over the murder of Pope John Paul I, who was eliminated when he decided to “clean house” at both the Vatican and the Vatican bank – i.e., he had learned that many top-level Roman Catholic prelates, including cardinals, were high-level Masons and he had made plans to remove them from power. If you have trouble believing that Pope John Paul I was murdered, then I suggest that you read the book The Murder of John Paul I by Vance Ferrell. This book is $6.50 postpaid. It provides very strong evidence that Pope John Paul I was murdered by his Masonic enemies inside the Vatican. To order a copy, please make check or money order payable to “Harvestime Books” and mail it to: Harvestime Books // P.O. Box 300 // Altamont, TN 37301. To order a copy by credit card, please call 1-931-692-2777.))
...“The Jesuits function like the Papacy’s secret worldwide police. They are very secretive and go to great lengths to keep their operations secret. They tell no one that they are Jesuits. To all outside appearances, they appear as normal people.” Bill Hughes
“…The [Roman Catholic] Church to rule the world; the [‘White’] Pope to rule the Church; [and] the Jesuits [Ed. Note: headed by the ‘Black Pope’, the Jesuit Superior General] to rule the [‘White’] Pope – such was and is the program of the Order [i.e., Society] of Jesus [i.e., the Jesuit Order].”John Daniel (Author of the book The Grand Design Exposed)

Staying true to his Bushite status, Harper has appointed a leader of the Canadian Senate who is a Knight of Malta. How auspicious, the leader of our Canadian Senate belongs to a group that ran the Vatican's NAZI RAT LINE.

I am off to research just how many "knights of malta" have infiltrated our countrys' parliament and leadership - to the detriment of our democracy.


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