Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hitler's RAT LINE Still Running the World

Some observations of the actions of Rick Santorum, at one time touted as the next RNC presidential candidate, and Knight of Malta. ( A group notorious for running the Nazi RAT lines during WWII, that helped Nazis escape through the Vatican.

Quote from Santorum while campaigning (for his swan song);

“[W]e have found weapons of mass destruction, they were older weapons, but we have found chemical weapons. The report was just released not too long ago that, that said that there were over 500 chemical weapons found in Iraq.”
(of course Rick doesn't mention the chemical weapons were sold to Saddam by Donald Rumsfeld another unelected constant
in the Republican Guard)

The Knights of Malta - Erik Prince, the owner, and private army of George W. Bush, is just like Hitler's SS, Blackwater is owned privately having been acquired with public money. They do far more than "defense" and have been involved in torture, genocide and death squads throughout the world. They are crusaders for christ but basically that is a blessing that sanctions murder, torture and genocide in the name of God - and the USA of course.

How many unreported deaths were there in New Orleans because of this gang?

During a discussion on the FDA approval of Plan B emergency contraception, Santorum explained why he takes a rigid, far-right line — and why he’s claiming the mantle of former Gov. Bob Casey Sr.
“[Casey] says the science is clear and it is clear. In fact, it is an abortifacient in certain circumstances. If the, if the egg has been fertilized and, and the, and the pill is taken, it does cause an abortion. It’s inconsistent with his previous position. (When Hitler came to power women lost all the jobs in any positions of power. They were assigned to making babies for the Reich. The Knights of Malta are fascist and they are out in the open for the first time in years.

The Carlyle Group's CEO is Frank Carlucci, another Knight of Malta (Nazi) who has been trading with both sides in every war.

Ah and Hitler's ANGEL who traded so extensively with the Nazis that his company was seized for "trading with the enemy." Hey never mind his military serving grandson, was AWOL for Viet Nam, and George H.W. Bush, bailed from a plane leaving two to die...with a photographer along to film his "bravery" of course. No one mentions that "Dad" was busy trading hand over fist with the Nazis ...NO ONE.

Ol Ratzi the Hitler Youth Movement candidate. They never saw a war they did not start or fund. First they came for the Jews, then they came for the Muslims, and now they are coming for the average American ...and your silence will not protect you.

We have been living in a bubble of propaganda. While US firms have raped the world of its natural resources and set up murdering dictators and CIA trained death squads worldwide, the American/Canadian people are fed a bland diet of propaganda. Mind numbing "entertainment" in a deluge of infomericals about media created people that distracts from the evil, entitled Knights of Malta, CFR, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group.

The USA is where Nazi Germany was just prior to
full martial law. Bush is already spying on us at will, and the Knights of Malta in Congress are aiding and abetting his Nazi legislation which has gutted the constitution. EVERYONE is betting this administration will either stage another terror attack or stand down for one...then bomb Iran and Blackwater will be all over our streets to protect the Knights of Malta...not us.
THEN it will be too late. This scourge of treason MUST be arrested now. Who will do that..the private army guarding him? The USA is under the control of a dictator who has broken every law in America and the world. He could not lead his way out of a wet paper bag and the world is weary of his genocidal, regressive, reptilian energy. Let us STAND and see these people for what they are. Working with people who ran the Vatican Nazi RAT not who should be running our country. (In Canada Harper just appointed a Knight of Malta to lead our disgusting)
Let us end the devious, denial of Dubya and the Republican Guard. Arrest the bastards!


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