Thursday, October 18, 2007

The War Against America's Military By the Bushites

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Real War of G.W. Bush -- Against the U.S. Military

One of the key points I keep trying to raise is that our core problem is not the War in Iraq, per se.The real issue people should be talking about is what is being done to America. A country and civilization that is steadily being diminished, crippled, robbed and distracted by a party or a movement, a bona fide criminal gang.

We need to remember that the Iraq war is a horror, but its core effect has been to divide, corrupt, cheat, demoralize and steal from the people of the United States.

The number one accomplishment of the Bush Administration has been the near-destruction of the United States military. Accompanied by a demolition of its reputation on the International stage where the country and the leaders have plunged to the status of war criminals. .This problem lies at the feet of the neo cons and the sector of American industry that has no conscience and funds both sides of every war.

These war criminals are also guilty of treason and unless they are brought to justice the criminal justice system in America is dead.

Their families and their benefactors have plotted to overthrow the American government with fascism and they did just that after 9/11. A shadow government of 100 Bushites direct the country.

One by one the ugly truth comes out and one by one they still walk free while people all over the world die and are tortured.

Bush is guarded by BLACKWATER....why? Because he does not trust the AMERICAN Secret Service to protect him..they might arrest him for treason.

The Bushites and the GOP are the single greatest TERRORIST threat to American freedom and the constitution. While increasing their private army they have dessimated the American military. WHY?


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