Friday, June 08, 2007

America Verses the Bushites

Yup it is Halliburton's Home Boys verses the people of the United States of America.

Fixed elections, obstruction of justice (what justice there is no democratic government), and a lying, arrogant, war criminal as president who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for GENOCIDE, torture and the illegal, immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq (after kicking out UN inspectors).

A press core who have not reported the truth about the Bush family for seventy years, and a justice department complicit in the execution of over 140 people in Texas (without due process) and
taking the USA out of the International Criminal Court and the Geneva Convention.

An election fixed first by a crooked Supreme Court with GOP hacks Rehnquist, Scalia and Thomas openly supporting Bush, with family members involved in campaigning for Bush, Scalia in particular should have recused himself.

Then the next election we have a trail of corruption, election fixing and fraud, that all leads back to the manufacturers of the voting machines. Of course the Bush administration would make every attempt to fire, obstruct or interfere with anyone attempting to prosecute this case.

From WWI, Samuel Bush and the American Merchants of Death, to WWII and Prescott Bush, Hitler's Angel, to Poppy who set up the shadow government and corrupted the CIA turning it into a drug running operation that is lawless at every level, terrorizing the world and stirring up civil wars everywhere corporate America wants to rape - to today's Caligula (George Junior).

American INTEL is now used against its own people - just like the KGB.

Bush depended on Abramoff, the convicted felon involved in money laundering (with Ralphie Reed), a mafia style hit and bilking the casinos owned by the Indians, and the churches all at the same time.
Ah that faith based is just soooo conveeenient (as the Church Lady would say).
(And there is 9 BILLION missing from the Iraq ReConstruction fund...likely goin to Bush's private army Blackwater).

This July 4th., lets reread the Declaration of Independence, particularly the part that speaks to the duty of every citizen to stand in the face of governmental tyranny and a threat to the democracy. It is my understanding that this declaration makes it mandatory for every citizen to stand and fight tyranny - especially from within.

This is the Bushites against America and the World. We can stand, or wind up with a bag over our heads being water boarded because we disagreed with Babs, or George or the damn dog.

Personally, I'd like to stroll up to mr. bush and his gang of thugs and dead enders, with about 300 million Americans behind me and say, 'You are under arrest for treason. Your entire mandate as President is to "protect the constitution of the United States" which you have instead destroyed. '

Bin Laden didn't remove Habeas Corpus, Bin Laden didn't gut the constitution, nor is he known for running Caligula-like prisons all over the world where people are hidden away to be tortured into saying anything...and one wonders if they are not just using the incarcerated to make sick snuff, and torture films - they've privatized everything else. The Bushites certainly behave as badly as the Taliban (they armed and trained) and the years of Bush /CIA terrorizing the world is exposed now for all to see.

America has a choice - you can end the terror and arrest this clan - or close your eyes and descend into the pit. These are not people with a mere difference of opinion, as Bill Clinton likes to say. These are psychopaths. They will torture and kill you as soon as look at you.
Make no mistake about it - this is America verses the Bushites. Arrest the Bushites and END seventy years of terror by this horrid, lying family.


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