Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why We Love Rosie

Credited to Jane Ridley at Wise Woman's Tarot:

Why We Love Rosie

1. She's consistently un-PC. Her humor and politics offend just about everyone, ranging from Chinese people to Catholics to American soldiers fighting in Iraq.

2. She takes on the big guys. Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch and the National Rifle Association are up there on her hit list.

3. She's out and proud. Invited into their living rooms every morning, O'Donnell has won over people who once thought gays and lesbians had two heads.

4. She's adopted kids. Long before Brangelina, O'Donnell and her wife, Kelli, were advocates for adoption and gay parenting, sharing their home with three adopted children. Their fourth baby was conceived through sperm donation.

5. She's a hilarious actress. Who can forget her famous sex scene with Julian McMahon on TV's "Nip/Tuck," in which she played a trailer-trash lottery winner who splurges on a makeover.

6. She's accessible. O'Donnell blogs away, posting her crazy thoughts on her Web site. And she doesn't whine about fame. "You beg people to be interested in your life, ... and then you tell them to go away," she has said. "To me it seems unfair."

7. She engages mouth before brain. We might think it, but she goes ahead and says it.

8. She's from Bayside, Queens. Of course we're gonna defend one of our own.

9. She puts money where her mouth is. Her charity, Rosie's For All Kids Foundation, has handed $3 million to Hurricane Katrina relief and $20 million to other causes.

10. She's a go-getter. She could have stayed in her comfort zone, but she dared to launch the ill-fated Rosie's McCall's magazine and produce the Broadway flop "Taboo." They may have failed, but New York adores a risk-taker. Jane Ridley* The Wise Woman's Tarot -> *

You make more room for all of us Rosie, thanks for having the courage to say what many cannot.

A special thank you for taking on the primary fascist controlling the news media in America.

Especially with the paid off hacks passing as credited journalists who do nothing but report Tspin.

Thanks for pointing out things like:

Lynne Cheney's book for children, starting the programming early.

Iwa Jima programming...never too early to start preparing the children to sacrifice their bodies, their lives for the Cheneys' (er, America).

Rosie, you KNOW you are batting 1000 when Joe Scarborough is shrilling about you nearly every night. You cannot buy that kind of free advertising eh!

And the tired trumphet (Trump)...I guess we can just let him go like the air going out of a balloon. He is just so- yesterday (who does that comb over).

Keep rocking about a show with the Dixie Chicks?



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