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Why doesn’t the media analyze the college roommates of George Bush and Dick Cheney to figure out why those two & their cronies feel it is okay to kill complete strangers, destroy homes and livelihoods, imprison folks who have committed no crime and generally commit horrors? Why is one man’s use of violence a crime but another man’s is “appropriate”? Why is violence in another country so much less important to our media and our society than violence here? Violence and senseless death are violence and senseless death no matter where they happen…but how is it that we give some more import than others? WHY?

Pentagon lawyers abruptly blocked mid-level active-duty military officers from speaking Thursday during a closed-door House Armed Services Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee briefing about their personal experiences working with Iraqi security forces.
The Pentagon’s last-minute refusal to allow the officers’ presentations surprised panel members and congressional aides, who are in the middle of an investigation into the effort to train and organize Iraqi forces.
Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Martin Meehan, D-Mass., called the Pentagon’s move “outrageous” and left open the possibility of issuing subpoenas.

WHY isn't this the main story on the news?

Supporting Our Troops

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“Efficiency wedges.” That’s what they’re calling the malignant financial neglect that led to the horrible conditions at Walter Reed hospital because, of course, it was more important to give tax cuts to the the richest Americans.
But really, who can blame them? The White House expected unicorns, pixies and fairy dust in Baghdad, and who on earth had the balls to tell the president he’d fucked up? (Apparently NO ONE in the land of the free and home of the ONE).


On Saturday, The New York Times published a front page story by Gordon which did nothing other than mindlessly convey highly provocative (and completely unproven) claims by anonymous Bush officials that “the most lethal weapon directed against American troops in Iran is an explosive-packed cylinder that United States intelligence asserts is being supplied by Iran.”
As I documented on Saturday (as did Juan Cole and others), Gordon’s article replicated every mistake made by the media which enabled the administration to deceive the country with respect to the “threat” posed by Iraq — specifically, it granted anonymity to Bush officials to make highly dubious, war-inflaming claims, and then simply passed those claims along on the front page with no scrutiny or investigation, and without any mention of the ample evidence which undermines those claims.

Indeed these are the typical media interviewees, Bill Kristol, the editor of the Weekly Standard a Rupert Murdoch rag of extremist right wing proportions.

Tenet is the mafia like don who called Iraq a
"slam dunk."....wonder WHY the media is not examining his parents and who he went to school with that he should be so devoid of conscience.

If you want to know WHY the murders happened in Virginia...look to what your leaders are modeling as acceptable behavior.

To the world they are murdering, war criminals, devoid of conscience, operating completely outside of International Law, the Geneva Convention and American Law.

Why have they not been arrested ?

If you cannot answer this basic question of journalism...then mainstream media should be barred from our public airwaves. They are criminally complicit in treason - that is why!


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