Saturday, April 21, 2007

USA - A "Culture" of Malignant Narcissism

The USA, where news and idols are created, smeared and picked apart like a young sadist pulling the wings off of flies

While millions are slaughtered and tortured around the world in the name of a ridiculous democracy that no longer exists in America or abroad, Americans are entertained (distracted from the illegal occupation of Iraq ) by a corrupt, criminally complicit corporate news media, PRODUCING news, not reporting news...producing it.

The latest mindless distraction American Idol - more aptly named American Idle.

Over 600,000 Iraqs are now dead in an ILLEGAL, IMMORAL and CRIMINAL invasion and occupation by the United States of America. Sure it was the Bushies...but everyone sat around and cheered them on like good little psychopaths.

The Bushies, now the USA, are operating outside International Criminal Court, the Geneva Convention and American Law. No matter - they are ABOVE THE justice, no law when Republicans are in power. They are the mafia...laws no not apply to them.

They have no empathy or compassion for other human beings and are malignant narcissists in fact malignant narcissism is being taught as appropriate culture.

In Nazi Germany it was fascism and genocide (funded by American industry) - today, they just went directly to their (American industry) end goal with industry front and center involved in funding and arming every war - you can depend on the USA to spread arms, lies, doubling dealing and torture around the world.

A pedophile ring of international proportions has been linked with the Republican leadership and "Christian" right for years. (Franklingate to Gannongate - run your own search..MILLIONS of links). American corporate news protects this slime.

While this criminal moron makes comments like this, unchallenged - in the country where the only time free speech seems to matter is in the promotion of hatred against another group.

Indeed one paid off buffoon after another distinguished only by the fact that they will say ANYTHING for a buck.

Oh and Honey if there is Prince of Darkness - THIS gem is the Queen of Corruption. Sixteen years on the board of Lockheed Martin who now control Canada's census and are developing a system that can look into the household of everyone in the world.
Oh and they (Harper Inc) contracted our Canada Pension Plan to support the US military industrial companies. Shortly after Harper Inc gave Bush a billion dollar slush fund with Canadian softwood lumber money. (Like a mafia shakedown - no fair trade here).

Not to worry though our kids are just being sent to a protracted war in Afghanistan to secure the Bush drug crop and Unocal's pipeline. However given the limited news we also receive on our presumably public owned CBC in Canada - we can expect it all to continue/.

WE however, can end this all ...any time...all we have to do is open our eyes and refuse to drink the kool aid any longer. Refuse to reflect and idolize these monsters any longer, AND hold them accountable. Until we learn to STAND in our individual power and connection to the divinity we will continue to follow these narcissistic monsters into oblivion.

God is in YOUR heart and your soul - not in these abhorant aberrations of nature who dare to call themselves human. We are all created in God's image - thankfully not in the image of these monsters. Let's show some of our own character, decency and integrity by standing for those values. Turn the TV off and write a letter, refuse to buy from advertisers who promote shows selling lies and hatred and research the facts - the facts that will tell you they fund both sides of every war. You may just reach them in a place they will actually feel it - their wallet.


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