Friday, April 13, 2007

The Class to Resign?

Maureen Dowd is in fine form this week:

April 14, 2007

More Con Than Neo


Usually, spring in Washington finds us caught up in the cherry blossoms and the ursine courtship rituals of the pandas.
But this chilly April, we are forced to contemplate the batrachian grapplings of Paul Wolfowitz, the man who cherry-picked intelligence to sell us a war with Iraq.
You will not be surprised to learn, gentle readers, that Wolfie in love is no less deceptive and bumbling than Wolfie at war.

Proving he is more con than neo, he confessed that he had not been candid with his staff at the World Bank. While he was acting holier than thou, demanding incorruptibility from poor countries desperate for loans, he was enriching his girlfriend with tax-free ducats.
He has yet to admit any real mistakes with the hellish war that claimed five more American soldiers yesterday, as stunned Baghdad residents dealt with bombings of the Iraqi Parliament, where body parts flew, and of a bridge over the Tigris, where cars sank.
But he admitted Thursday that he'd made a mistake when he got his sweetheart, Shaha Ali Riza, an Arab feminist who shares his passion for democratizing the Middle East, a raise to $193,590 more than the taxpaying (and taxing) Condi Rice makes. No doubt it seemed like small change compared with the money pit of remaking Iraq a task he once prophesied would be paid for with Iraqi oil money. Maybe he should have remunerated his girlfriend with Iraqi oil revenues, instead of ripping off the bank to advance his romantic agenda.
No one is satisfied with his apology. Not the World Bank employees who booed Wolfie and yelled, "Resign! Resign!" in the bank lobby.

Wolfie also alienated the bank by bringing two highhanded aides with him from Bushworld, aides who had helped him with Iraq. One was the abrasive Robin Cleveland, called Wolfie's Rottweiler. The other was Kevin Kellems, known as Keeper of the Comb after his star turn in Fahrenheit 9/11, where he handed his boss a comb so Wolfie could slick it with spittle for TV. (Maybe his girlfriend didn't get enough of a raise.) Like W., Wolfie is dangerous precisely because he's so persuaded of his own virtue.

Lest we forget Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz are two Neo Cons who promoted the invasion of Iraq during the Clinton years and planned the invasion of Iraq prior to Bush taking office. 911 simply provided the much needed drive (from Perle's point of view) to get the American people "in line" (over the top patriotically) so they would agree to war.

Great job Brownie ! Another stellar Bushie !


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