Friday, April 13, 2007

Where Are The Children ?

From Hitler's youth movement to protecting pedophile priests, Papa Ratzi does it all.

What other cult has more than 3000 pedophile cases outstanding against them and still manages to host events like, "International Youth Day" and have the mainstream media promote it with vigor.


Hundreds, if not thousands of children, were abducted in the chaos and fighting of El Salvador's civil war. They were put up for adoption around the world. Years passed, but many mothers and fathers refused to give up hope that they might be able to find their child out there somewhere. Now one priest has made it his mission to find the missing, and his organization is reuniting children with the biological families they didn't know they had.

See the CBC News: Correspondent site for more information and link on this story.

In 1989 six Jesuit priests who taught at the University of Central America in San Salvador, along with two house-keepers, were murdered at their dormitory by the Salvadoran military. Father Cortina lived with them but happened to be away for the night. He was in the small village of Guarjila, in the state of Chalatenango, where he also served as the local priest. The village residents sheltered him from further danger.

When asked by CBC reporter Joan Leishman if his faith had been shaken by the massacre, he replies adamantly that it was not and adds, "When I saw the way in which these people believed in God in spite of what they had suffered in all the military operations and the bombardments and the cruelty -- and they believed in God -- I thought that God is here more than anywhere else."


After the war ended, when he discovered that many of the disappeared children in the area around his village were alive, he formed the group Pro-Busqueda (Association in Search of Missing Children) to trace the children and reconnect them to their families. Its purpose is to give children the right to their identity and for the families, the peace of mind of knowing their children are alive.
Since 1994 the group has searched thousands of files, done hundreds of interviews with eyewitnesses, convinced an American state government laboratory to lend their DNA equipment to the search, and found more than a two hundred children in eleven countries.

Some of the missing children in Iraq, where the population was more than half children prior to the illegal, immoral invasion and four year occupation of Iraq by the Bushies in the name of the USA.

This is what supporting the troops really means.

Leishman met Peter Cassidy, a young man who has learned to straddle the two worlds of the El Salvador of his birth and the United States of his growing years. He has an adopted mother in New Jersey and a grand-mother in El Salvador, who knows him as Ernesto Sibrian. His mother was shot dead by an army soldier while she was holding Ernesto/Peter. The bullet went through her body and into his arm, where it remains.
Retired General Adolfo Blandon tells Leishman he regrets the child trafficking that happened in his country and regrets the war that so damaged his country.
Later Leishman visits Suyapa Serrano, a woman who, with the help of Pro-Busqueda and Father Cortina, has forced the government to acknowledge the reality of disappeared children. She has taken the case of her two younger missing sisters to Inter-American Court of Human Rights, faced lawyers who said her sisters never existed, and in March 2005 won a judgment against the government of El Salvador.
Where Are The Children is a story of the evils done in war, the wounds that persist and the painful healing that has to follow.

Tomas Oliva, Marco Perez Navarrette of Pro-Busqueda and Joan Leishman

Reporter: Joan Leishman
Producer: Debi Goodwin


Salvador's Dirty Secret: On Dec. 1 the CBC Radio program, Dispatches, had Joan Leishman's personal memoir on the disappeared children of El Salvador. (Listen in RealAudio.) Pro-Busqueda - Association in Search of the Missing Children (El Salvador) mirror site for Pro-Busqueda (both web sites are in Spanish) Where are the "disappeared" children? - Amnesty International report on El Salvador, July 2003. Elsewhere there is an interesting International Criminal Court Simulation based on the AI report. The Disappeared Children of El Salvador - a field study of truth, justice and reparation (By Christine Lagström, University of Lund, Faculty of Law. Masters thesis, Spring 2005. 79 p.) Saint Louis University Recognizes Jesuit and Alumnus with Highest Honor: Jon de Cortina works to find kidnapped children from El Salvador (November 8, 2005) Background on Father Jon Cortina, S.J. short bio, 2001 After 25 years 'St. Romero of the World' still inspires - National Catholic Reporter, April 15, 2005 The last section of this article is about Father Jon Cortina and Pro-Busqueda. (Links to more about Archbishop Romero


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