Saturday, April 21, 2007

War Inc. - Arming Iran - Cheney corruption

Here ya go, your own personal poster of the puerile, pimps and pedophiles who would rule us.

When Cheney isn't involved in criminal contracting and arming both sides of every war, he and wifey poo are busy projecting the propaganda to mask their evil as "decency".

THE reason (along with the fact that Poppy could be brought up on charges too). When the USA was told by the ICC to rebuild Nicaragua (after terrorizing it for years) and it was implied that Henry might actually be brought to trial for the Iran Contra TERRORISM - the Bushies pulled the USA from Intl Court so they would not be held accountable.

Here is the seedy chart that prefaced the illegal, immoral invasion, occupation, torture and continued genocide in Iraq.

Meanwhile CIA black ops is busy working overtime with the news agencies to distract from the truth.

Romney, Cheney in Deep with Iran Investments

In a high profile effort to bolster his credibility on national security, 2008 Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney last week called on New York to divest its pension fund of any holdings in firms doing with business with Iran. But as it turns out, it is Mitt Romney's former employer with the ties to Tehran. And as you'd expect, HalliDick Cheney's Halliburton is in deep as well.
Following the lead of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Romney began his grandstanding on Iranian disinvestment by targeting the Democratic-controlled states of New York and Massachusetts. On February 22, Romney sent letters to New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, Senators Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton as well as state comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli urging a policy of "strategic disinvestment from companies linked to the Iranian regime." Romney's theatrics continued:

"With your new responsibilities overseeing one of America's largest pension funds, you have a unique opportunity to lead an effort to isolate Iran as it pursues nuclear armament. I request that you immediately launch a policy of strategic disinvestment from companies linked to the Iranian regime. Screening pension investments and divesting from companies providing financial support to the Iranian regime or linked to Iran's weapons programs and terrorist activities could have a powerful impact. New investments should be scrutinized as long as Iran's regime continues its current, dangerous course."
When it comes to disinvestment in Iran, Republicans like Mitt Romney and Dick Cheney shouldn't, to paraphrase then-candidate George W Bush, "take the high horse and then claim the low road." The task of decrying those who unwittingly provide aid and comfort to the Iranian regime is best left to those who are sincere about it, such as Oregon Senator Ron Wyden. In 2005, Wyden in reaction to the Halliburton's cozy relationship proposed a bill to require the Treasury Department to publicly list both foreign firms doing business with Iran's energy interests as well as any U.S entities holding more than a $100,000 stake in them. And just last month, Wyden introduced the "Stop Arming Iran Act" to ensure that surplus parts and components from retired American F14 fighter jets are not auctioned off to arms dealers serving the government in Tehran.
But with campaign 2008 already underway, it is pretenders like Mitt Romney who have the microphone. His message: do as I say, not as I do.

.... But then all this administration IS - is a facade of spin and lies - one tired, rotten farce perpetuated on humanity for far too long.


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