Sunday, April 22, 2007

Whence Cometh This Evil?

Socialized Psychopath, George W Bush, America’s Number One Evildoer
author: Loren Franklin

As a Cherokee/Irish/French American, I watch in amazement as my country continually allows the destruction of the worlds poorest peoples and their eco systems by socialized psychopathic plutocrats. We elect them. We idolize them. We suffer at their hands. George W Bush is the worst to come along in years.

It has been my observation that this country has an ongoing, self destructive, annoying habit of appointing sociopaths and socialized psychopaths to political posts. It seems that we are fascinated by these personality types. We make them out to be heroes in our movies. We admire them when they climb to the top of corporate ladders and devastate the lives of less fortunate humans in Third World sweat shops, not to mention American sweat shops. I offer you Phil Knight of Nike as a quick example. We make national heroes out of mass murders and fill our children's history books with half truths and outright lies about them. And now, here in "The Land Of The Free And The Brave," we have appointed to the presidency, via the CIA and the Supreme Court, one of the most psychopathic individuals to ever stalk the halls of the White House.

Title: Moe Indications OKC Bombing Provocateurs Tied to Bushes, BCCI, Iran ContraSource: Noted Within ArticleURL Source: Apr 7, 2007
Author: Patrick B. Briley Post Date: 2007-04-07 22:22:22
Terrorism Coverup* Copyright 2007 by Patrick B. Briley

This April 4, 2007 article Questions Linger About Bushes and BCCI by Lucy Komisar provides additional information concerning BCCI illegal bank operations connected to OKC bombing provocateurs and the reasons for cover-up by pro Muslim Congressional officials, federal officials in the FBI, CIA, and DOJ and by Presidents HW Bush, GW Bush and Clinton. Komisar’s article is presented at the end of the following supplemental analysis that is based on my book The Oklahoma City Bombing Revelations. The book can be downloaded for free here or here.
In her article, Lucy Komisar mentions Saudi Prince Turki Faisal who was deeply involved with BCCI and Dana Rohrabacher and Orrin Hatch who were both also involved in BCCI operations. Prince Turki called former CIA station chief Vincent Cannistraro the day of the OKC bombing and claimed that Saudi intelligence knew that Iraq had hired 7 Pakistanis connected to the mujahidin to help carry out the OKC bombing. Refer to my book chapter THE “REASONS” WHY ROHRABACHER MADE HIS OKC BOMBING INVESTIGATION AND REPORT DEFICIENT.

Money raised by drug trafficking was laundered through BCCI to help finance “off the books” covert operations to buy weapons for Iran in exchange for US hostages and helping Nicaraguan rebels (Iran Contra), to support the mujahidin fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan and to transfer US WMD technologies and materials to Iraq via Ishan Barbouti, Ramzi Yousef and the BCCI assisted BNL bank branch in Atlanta, Georgia.


From the Merchants of Death and Sam Bush, to Hitler's Angel - Prescott Bush, to the Saudis
cipher H.W. Bush to Carlyle's Christ George W....
the Bush's are at the core of every war.

Isn't it time we brought this lame excuse for justice to justice and restored a measure of integrity to American civilization (or what is left of it)?

Para Vida, for true life - live in truth. We were doing the best we could - now we know better.


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