Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Propaganda over public airwaves, catapaulted by a criminal corporate media complicit in war profiteering has kept the public in the dark in regard to a group of psychopaths who have controlled US govt for a number of years.

THINK about it. Samuel Bush (great grandfather to the current shrub) was part of the MERCHANTS of DEATH who ensured WWI would happen and they would profit extensively from same.

WWII Prescott Bush (Grand daddy) to the current plant) funded Adolf Hitler soooo extensively some called him "Hitler's Angel."
There would not have been a WWII if not for American industrial funding of Hitler prior to the war and through out!

Perhaps the slickest of the lot is George H.W. Bush who not only invaded Iraq ( on bogus Intel later proved to be false) but got the UN to go along with it and FUND IT. So we all got snookered into bombing the crap out of Iraq in
a great crap shoot for American industry funded by the world. The only reason junior is in trouble with some business types is because of this. He mismanaged the war and Americans are actually having to pay for it. If not...ya gotta wonder if anyone would notice. This little charmer even volunteered for WWII and had a photographer following him around to catch when he was shot down (he bailed and two crew members died).
Meanwhile he came back home to build the CIA and use ex Nazis within it to build a shadow govt in direct opposition to the DEMOCRATIC state. The CIA within the CIA.
He orchestrates a great deal behind the scenes and what they cannot bilk from the American taxpayer to terrorize the poor abroad, the Saudis provide. (Like Iran Contra)

One might as well call American media BUSH BROADCASTING. (GE funded Nazi Germany and they own NBC)

HOW ELSE could a family of such clearly criminal, war mongering credentials escape the news media for so long.

The USA is involved in an illegal, immoral, invasion and occupation of Iraq - the genocide of which is constantly minimized. The people attempting to defend their land should MORE CORRECTLY be called PATRIOTS...the Americans are the INVADERS....and the truth
is in the facts. The Iraqi REVOLUTION is only a civil war because the CIA did its best to start a civil war...just as they did in South America and anywhere else they have been. Get the people fighting internally, then steal their oil and sell off their children. God read the history of South America and what the US DOES around the world. close check that out!

The complete corruption of US corporate media.

No wonder the USA is constantly at war.


How about reporting it eh?
Indeed having stood down for 9/11 this facsimile of a human being has stood ON IT...acting as if HE did something heroic on that date!
He did something historic, he did something criminal...and it was not anyone in the land of the free and home of the brave.
The country where free speech only seems to matter if it is being used to project hatred toward a specific group (anyone not an ignorant white male).

He should be in Gitmo for life with Sept 11 emblazoned on the wall, and John Ashcroft singing "Let the Eagle Soar" (endlessly) interrupted only
by the sound of Cheney's shotgun and a brief video of Cheney shooting (ok in the butt) Scalia while hunting.

Why is it in a democracy of 300 million people that the same tired reptilian brains show up in office and placed at every major news outlet.

Let's boot the lot and DEMAND
balance in broadcasting.




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