Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fibs, Fear & Fraud - the American God

Fibs, Fear and Fraud...the American GOD

Greed, Oppression, Denial - at home and abroad, a legacy of slavery, funding Hitler, and arming both sides of every frigging conflict. More people incarcerated per capita than ANY country in the world and promoting SLAVERY abroad. Part of a 20 BILLION dollar PEDOPHILE industry...
hell Tony Blair hushed up the European arm a couple of years ago...piece of cake with this set of paid off hacks for reporters on the story.)

Hell, Bush shakes down Canada for a $450 MILLION dollar SLUSH fund in the Softwood Lumber Deal and NO ONE reports it... these gutless, spineless, cowards of a corporate criminal coup that has destroyed America with CRIME. No more - no less. A "religion" that is nothing more than a money laundry that has even funded Al Qaeda through a ten million dollar contribution from Robertson to Charles Taylor (now on trial for war crimes...where the ENTIRE Bush Administration and Henry Kissinger should be. )

HELL, if you seized the Bush Kennebunkport compound (palace built on the profits of Auschwitz) and made it a holocaust museum to American SLAVERY you MIGHT...just MIGHT have some room to move with God, right now...
the way this Bush administration behaves, and their pedophile pack...they are just as John Kerry says, thugs and "criminals", who should be tried NOW,..under American law...under the PATRIOT ACT for TREASON. Let history judge them, MY ASS....wake up and get some personal integrity before you rot in your own quagmire of will NOT protect you. (Lou Dobbs and Keith O excused....but good grief..the rest of you who dare to call yourselves "reporters" need to get your heads outa your behinds.)

While millions marched - unreported and unseen on the highly censored corporate TV channels, the next election is set to be a farce with the same crooked company serving up the election to the Republicans, and if the case goes to Supreme Court - Bada Bada Bing...the court is fixed with Scalia, Roberts and Alioto, ALL appointed by the organized crime in office.
Much has been written about the Bush administration turning a deaf ear to the clear warnings before 9/11 about the imminent terrorist attacks.
Bob Woodward's new book again brings into focus this fact with a detailed and more chilling account of what transpired between the ex-CIA Chief George Tenet and the powers that be.

Here is what the NYT has to say: "Members of the Sept. 11 commission said today that they were alarmed that they were told nothing about a White House meeting in July 2001 at which George J. Tenet, then the director of central intelligence, is reported to have warned Condoleezza Rice, then the national security adviser, about an imminent Al Qaeda attack and failed to persuade her to take action."The final report from the Sept. 11 commission made no mention of the meeting nor did it suggest there had been such an encounter between Mr. Tenet and Ms. Rice, now secretary of state." (Ms Rice has, of course, denied any such meeting with Tenet.)The NYT continues: "Although passages of the book suggest that Mr. Tenet was a major source for Mr. Woodward, the former intelligence director has refused to comment on the book.
The USA operates as a criminal state throughout the world. When the World Court demanded the USA rebuild the COUNTRY of Nicaraugua and cited Henry Kissinger and Negroponte as war criminals, it became evident that George H.W. Bush could possibly be cited next. Before that could happen his son George pulled the country out of the World Court and the Geneva convention. (That little document mr. Gonzales finds so "quaint.")

Gonzales served as the Attorney General of Texas where he and Bush executed more prisoners than any state in the history of the USA.

Harpers Magazine ran an excellent article (The Texas Clemency Memos) on the one sided presentation of the cases on death row, by Gonzales to Bush, ensuring the death of the prisoner in each case , by omitting the prisoner's story, or legal side.

Yes, indeed the USA has much to worry about this election and the first is whether there is even going to be a legitimate election, or will these guys stand down for another attack? Barring that, there are 20 million illegal immigrants allowed in the country to aid the voting process and supply slave labor to the corporations who fund them.

It seems to me everything this illegal, immoral, unconstitutional presidency accuses others of doing, it is first doing - in spades. They wanted to shock and awe the world, instead they have disgusted us with the depths of their degradation, deceit,and deception. It is a policy based on fibs, fear and fraud - in the name of God.


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