Saturday, August 05, 2006

Convert to Christianity or Die

The PNAC is not without a supporting fascist, faith based money laundry ...currently associated with a mafia (hit associated with Abramoff scam). They also funneled money to Charles Taylor, now on trial for WAR CRIMES.
(Or course the USA and Israel do not belong to the International Court or honor the Geneva convention.)

"My words cannot fully describe what a betrayal this has been by Tyndale," Mr. Thompson wrote in a letter dated June 9, 2006, that he faxed to Mr. Dobson, "not just to me but to all of the Christian families out there who are trying to protect our kids from the corrosive, violent effects of violent media. A Christian organization has now become one of the mental molesters of minors for money."
Another PNAC Pimp, Bill Bennett, this windbag of control is another gambling thug, eating himself out this world while attempting to control the rest of us. He is the classic controlling PNAC psychopath.

Ol George on the job, protecting us all.

He had NO IDEA a plane would fly into the world trade center, he just told Ashcroft not to fly because of a whim.

And Katrina...the briefing on film...gosh,
darn...well all the money was shifted to Iraq anyway so what could he say.

Convert to George's fanatical "christianity" ...all you have say is, " Jesus is my saviour...just before you pull the trigger. "


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