Friday, August 04, 2006

Paid Off Pimps of PNAC Propaganda

Now that the military industrial complex has torn Iraqi infrastructure down, someone will need to rebuild it. Who could possibly be up to such a task? With an estimated price tag of over $100 billion to rebuild post-war Iraq, the Corporatacracy is lining up for the contracts. Bechtel was at the head of the line as they received a $680 million contract in April of 2003. As Dick Cheney continues to receive deferred compensation from Halliburton at the rate of $1 million per year, Halliburton's subsidiary, Kellogg Brown and Root secured a 10 year contract (with an open-ended budget) to provide support services to the US military starting in 2001, and is heavily exercising that contract in Iraq. The US government paid KBR $3.6 billion in 2003 and $5.4 billion in 2004 for Iraq-related work. As the number two US contractor in Iraq, Bechtel's war-related revenue was over $4 billion in 2004. Halliburton is under investigation for charges of over-billing to the tune of $1 billion, while Bechtel has been plagued by problems related to shoddy work. While flag waving propaganda may fool some Americans into believing the war in Iraq is "making the world safe for democracy", many in the rest of the world see the profit motive that has led to so much human suffering. I cannot imagine what could possibly motivate detestation of the Red, White, Blue, and Green(backs).

A war on drugs that many suspect is simply a war against the drugs competing with the CIA/Bush drug running from Afghanistan and South America.

Gosh you cannot have people smoking pot and not being aggressive, gotta feed them alcohol, cocaine and anything that hops them up and makes them violent. Then...

It is not "terror" when their lily white little hands drop a bomb, agent orange, or sell the chemicals to Saddam.

Depleted uranium in Iraq, Agent Orange in Viet Nam...and here we go again. What is Israel dropping on Lebanon - depleted uranium?

Indeed report the NEWS, pu-lease.

Report on the American terror school in Florida and how long it has been in operation.

Report on Israel's GITMO and how long they have incarcerated
people they accuse of being "terrorists" - without trial and without bail in contravention of International Law and the Geneva Convention. Report BOTH sides...heaven knows the Neo Cons ALWAYS fund both sides.

Never has a group made such a killing in such an obvious way, while the news media sat mute.