Sunday, July 30, 2006

Treason of Toxic Texan Overwhelms Washington

Genocide George takes a break from making inane comments, to grope the Prime Minister of Germany.

Toxic Texas The Environmental Legacy of Governor George W. Bush

Texas Governor George W. Bush wants to bring the agenda he championed as governor to Washington D.C. as the next U.S. president. But so far little has been made public about the actual substance of those policies, particularly concerning the environment.

Under George W. Bush's leadership, Texas ranks number one in a many categories of pollution and environmental degradation. For example, Texas is:

#1 in the Emission of Ozone Causing Air Pollution Chemicals
#1 in Toxic Chemical releases into the Air
#1 in use of Deep Well Injectors as method of Waste Disposal
#1 in counties listed in top 20 of Emitting Cancer Causing Chemicals
#1 in Total Number of Hazardous Waste Incinerators
#1 in Environmental Justice Title 6 complaints
#1 in production of Cancer causing Benzene & Vinyl Chloride
#1 Largest Sludge Dump in Country

It is the job of the president to PROTECT the constitution, when in practice this placed presidency has gutted the constitution, working daily to make justice criminal.

Bush's off mike comments show him at best to be of marginal intelligence, devoid of manners, empathy or class.

Please come back to this site

each week for additional examples and case studies documenting the Texas Governor's openly anti-environmental agenda.

The Stories:

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Airing It Out In Texas (intro 3 part story)
225,000 Texas Children Attend School near Grandfathered Polluters (Part I)
The Bush Environmental Agenda in Action: Protecting Grandfathered Air Polluters (Part II)
Polluters Bet Big On Bush On The Campaign Money Trail (Part III)
The Privileged Class: Bush pushes secrecy for environmental audits (Part I)
The Privileged Class II: Promoting compliance or facilitating a cover-up?
The Privileged Class III: Bush Contributors Back Audit Privilege Law
Home on the Range at the Nation's Largest Sewage Dump
Bush's quiet little war on the Texas environment: Assault on the regulatory front (Part I)
Bush's quiet little war on the Texas environment: Assault on the regulatory front (Part II)
Superfund a Super Deal for Texas Polluters (Part I)
Bush's quiet little war on the Texas environment (Part III): Merry Toxic Christmas in Texas
Superfund a Super Deal for Texas Polluters (Part II)
Superfund a Super Deal for Texas Polluters: Money Talks (Part III)
"Local Control" - Texas Style (Part I)
"Local Control"- Texas Style: Special Favors for Special Interests (Part II)
Privatizing Texas Public Parks - Public Land, Private Profit
Bush Presides Over Hazardous Waste Barbecue
Texas Endangered Species Policy, Part I: Shining us on with Sound Science
Texas Endangered Species Policy, Part II: Salamander Wars
Texas Toxic Tour:
Elf Atochem: Pollution Giant
Sea Turtles Dying On The Texas Coast
Special Deals for Alcoa Aluminum, Texas' Largest Grandfathered Polluter
Fouling the Air at TXI
Uranium Mining Pollution near the King Ranch
Dumping on the Rio Grande in Laredo
TNRCC Employees Survey Shows an Agency in Trouble
Kelly Air Force Base: San Antonio's Dumping Ground
The "Odessa Syndrome" - Environmental Racism in Odessa, Texas
Big Bend: Air Pollution Threatens Texas' Majestic Landscape
Corpus Christi's Refinery Row
Erath County's Booming Dairy Industry Pollutes Texas' Waterways
Corporate Chicken Empire Saturates East Texas with Pollution
Corporate Hog Farming in the Panhandle
Environmental Injustice in Beaumont Texas
Sierra Blanca, the Nation's Largest Sewage Dump
PANTEX: Pollution in the Panhandle
WCS and Bush
Ingram ReadyMix
Big Pollution Problems at "Big Sam"

As usual, there is a mountain of evidence ... yet unprosecuted criminals run the country, unchecked, unbalanced and unreported.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job. Now I'm just waiting for the truth to come out about the "preserve" Bush signed onto in Hawaii. How much you want to bet that is a military testing ground for HAARP? And everyone wonders why it's so hot this year and seems to move in 200 square mile areas? Just like the HAARP science describes?

6:46 AM  

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